The Upcycle

Fancy turning your bike into a smoothie machine? We thought so. Wait till you see the bath turned hot tub.

The BMX Smoothie Machine

Have you ever looked at an old bbq, bath or bicycle and thought, I could make a pizza oven, hot tub or smoothie making machine out of that?

Well, nor have we exactly, but there are plenty of people out there for whom upcycling is the latest byword in consumer cool.

Nike actually started a recycling program back in 1990 called Reuse-A-Shoe, and 25m pairs later they have expanded the program to turn old shoes in to a substance they call Nike Grind, which is used in everything from playground surfaces to new Nike products.

the upcycle

Adidas are also jumping on the re-engineered bandwagon by producing over 6m new shoes by upcycling collected ocean plastics into yarn. It turns out upcycling has become big business. Ironic we know.

The Upcycle

It’s unsurprising that as a trend the re-use movement has hit its stride. Today’s consumers want to more closely align they’re spending habits with their social standards. Not only are they willing to invest in more environmentally sound purchases, but what they buy, recycle and re-use has become more of a statement of substance not just style.

We’ve seen that at Yurtel. Not only do our guests appreciate the sustainable, natural roof over their heads, but they want a real opportunity to connect with the outdoors. It’s investing in an experience that depends on and protects the environment it’s selling. The perfect circular economy.

The Upcycle

We try not to let anything go to waste. Any structures we no longer need are donated to charities to help local communities. Any bedding, towels or even de-commissioned fire extinguishers are given new homes, whilst surplus wood is used to build treehouses for local schools.

We re-fashion marquee canvas into baffles and curtains, some of our old carpets are returned to the manufacturer for recycling; whilst others are re-designed as bags for our garden furniture, and any tired pillow cases are perfect for carefully wrapping the contents of our yurts for travel.

To be honest the world of camping has long been the upcyclers spiritual home. It’s the very nature of the beast. If you appreciate going into the wild, you tend to a) want to protect it b) build some cool stuff to geek out in it.

We’ve collected a few of our favourites:

The Gas Bottle Pizza Oven

  1. The Gas Bottle Pizza Oven
    Cooking outdoors is hands down the best fun you can have in a kitchen. Luxury camping and firelight feasts go hand in hand. Re-purpose an old gas bottle for a two tiered pizza oven that can also make you tea. You can’t get that in Naples.


  2. Recycled Firelighters 
    Now you can use old loo rolls, but a more chic glamping, deluxe bell tent version is these old newspapers dipped in beeswax.

    The BMX Smoothie Machine

  3. The BMX Smoothie Machine
    If travelling without your Nutribullet seems a stretch too far, this less portable but much more fun alternative will ensure you have your early morning juice and daily work out. This also has festival camping/cocktail hour written all over it.


  4. Tin Can Lanterns
    No self-respecting luxury campsite would be without some atmospheric lighting. Drilled tin cans give a lo-fi version of the Moroccan lantern look. Dot along a line of pod pads, yurts or bell tents for classic glamping.


  5. Woollen Guitar Case
    Glamping and tunes go hand in hand. Re-constitute an old woollen blanket for a Pendleton style, country music vibe. You can create your own cool camping, boutique festival experience.

    Hot Tub Time Machine

  6. Hot Tub Time Machine
    This is surely the godfather of upcycling. A thing of beauty, an original design and a nod to the beauty of the materials. Plus unlike other hot tubs, it looks like you wouldn’t have to share it with anyone. This must be the ultimate accessory to your vintage tent or Bedouin tent.