Yurtel Dictionary


12v fridge freezer

A fridge or freezer unit that will run from a 12v connector, ideal for use in vans or mobile homes.

2 way radio

Also called walkie-talkies they allow people to communicate over radio waves so can work over great distances.


Also known as a radige tent, A-frames are constructed using a horizontal pole fitted between two vertical poles fixed diagonally to create a structure that resembles the letter A.


A space for somebody to live or stay in temporarily.

Activity Centre

The area on a camping or glamping site that is the center of fun and activity. An activity centre will hold events for guests and often have a bar, restaurant and games room.

Adult sleeping bag

A sleeping bag designed for adults.


A new and exciting experience.

Adventure tent

A tent that is perfect for multi-stop trips due to the easy erection and dismantling of the tent.


A lotion applied to the skin after being exposed to the sun.


A bed used for camping that is inflated with air.

Airbed plugs

A plug designed to stop air escaping from the bed.

Airbed repair kit

A small kit that contains all the necessary equipment to fix a small air bed puncture.

Airstream facilities

A high end, vintage style of trailer made out of exposed aluminium - provides a retro look for glamping events.

Al Fresco Dining

A dining experience that is enjoyed outdoors, most meals whilst camping and glamping will be Al Fresco!

Alder firewood

Commonly used for charcoal, Alder is an environmentally-friendly wood and perfect for firewood.


A holiday in which meals and activities are included in the cost of the accommodation.

Alternative camping

An outdoor experience designed to provide a unique or different experience to conventional camping.

Aluminium arm airer

An aluminium structure that has arms that washing is placed on to dry.

Aluminium foil

A thin metal foil used to wrap ingredients in whilst they cook on the campfire.

Aluminium folding windshield

A foldable aluminium sheet that can be used to protect a certain area from wind.

Aluminium guyline runners

Small metal rope dividers designed to create tension in guy ropes.

Aluminium kettle

A device used to boil water, made from aluminium.

Aluminium peg

A lightweight tent peg made from aluminium.

Aluminium pergola

A structure made from Aluminium framework designed to support vines.

Aluminium roll top table

A compact and lightweight table made from aluminium that can be easily transported.


A waterproof pullover jacket that helps keep in body heat.

Anti-bacterial lotion

A gel used to clean hands and prevent germs from spreading.


A structure that is designed for both plants and vines to grow on.


A popular bow and arrow activity that is often offered in corporate glamping experiences.

Arno straps

A strong polyester material with zinc buckles used to secure objects in place.

Ash firewood

A type of wood with low moisture content that burns consistently for a long time. Ash wood does not produce a lot of odor and creates a lot of warmth.

Astronomical holidays

Outdoor getaways that are tailored around astronomy and provide locations and equipment that are suited to stargazing and other astronomy activities.


A canopy that connects from one side to your structure creating a material roof, they provide shade from the sun and shelter from light rain.

Baby change portable toilets

Toilet units that have the necessary facilities to change a baby.

Baby wipes

Unlike wet wipes, they are gentle enough on babies so they do not irritate their skin.

Backpack cover

A waterproof material placed over the outside of a backpack to stop water infiltrating the bag.

Backpacker table

A compact and lightweight table that is easy to transport and perfect for camping.

Backpacker tent

A compact and lightweight tent that is easy to carry around in a backpack.


Travelling and living from just a backpack. Also a term for hiking into backcountry with all your gear in a backpack.

Backpacking stove

A small, compact stove that fits perfectly into a backpack.


A sewing method used in tent and outdoor clothing that ensures the seams are strong and do not unravel over time.

Baffle construction

The sleeping bag design that keeps the insulation from clumping together, creating a consistent warmth.


A piece of material or cloth that can be worn around one's neck or head.


A style of cooking over and open fire on a grill.

Barm Cake

One of the many regional names for the quintessential hot bread roll enjoyed for breakfast on a camping or glamping holiday. Often filled with bacon, sausage or egg!

Bath Bomb

A mix of dried ingredients that, when dropped into bath water, release bubbles, soften the water, and create a pleasant smell.

Bathtub floor

A design of tent floor that curves the edges upward to prevent water being absorbed by the stitching, thus adding to the waterproofing of the tent.


A small device used to power appliances.

Battery powered water pump shower

The same as a 12v water pump, but the power is generated by a battery.

Battery pump

A device that blows air out and is powered by batteries.


A strip of sandy or stony shore usually next to the sea making it a popular glamping or camping setting.

Beach chair

A chair made from a piece of canvas and a folding frame and designed for the beach.

Beach tent

A 3-sided tent used on the beach to protect campers from the wind or sun.

Beach Towel

A larger fluffy towel for drying oneself after swimming in the sea and for changing behind to maintain privacy.


A structure that provides support.

Bear bag

Waterproof bags designed for use when camping in areas that bear may be. They are used to store food and usually have a rope attachment so the user can hang the bag out of reach of animals.

Bed linen

Sheets used to cover a bed, keeps the bed fresh.

Bed Throw

A piece of material, often embroidered, that decoratively covers a bed.

Bedouin Tent

A canvas tent style that originates from the nomadic Arab Bedouin tribes, often used in desert areas.

Bedside table

A small table that is at a good height to sit next to a bed.

Beech firewood

A type of would containing large quantities of water but is able to retain heat for a long period of time when burned.

Bell tent

A round shaped canvas tent with a central supporting pole.


A very large twin pole tent, often in circus style colours that provides space for 30 or more guests. Often used at festivals.

Bent runner

Usually plastic or steel, bent runners lock guy lines in place to ensure a secure tent.

Bentwood yurt

A yurt made from wood that has been bent in order to form a dome shape.


The term given the amount of people camping or glamping accommodation can comfortably sleep. For example, a small tent could be a two berth.


A lightweight, portable pot that can be used for cooking and eating food.

Bin Bags

Large plastic bags used to collect debris and household rubbish.


A device that magnifies things in the distance allowing the user to focus in on things that are a great distance away.

Biodegradable Peg

A peg that naturally degrades if not removed from the ground.

Biodegradable soap

Natural soap that does not harm the environment and can naturally decompose.

Birch firewood

A dense wood with a nice odor that produces a lot of heat when burned.

Bird Watching

The leisure activity of observing wild birds, often from a shelter or from behind a wooden screen.


A small encampment with little or no shelter.

Bivvy bag

A very small shelter made from tent material and supported by one pole, they are generally the size of a human so can fit tightly into a backpack without taking up space.

Bivy sack

A tent or bag used as a protective cover and big enough for one person.


Normally woolen, a blanket is a large piece of material used to keep warm.

Board Games

A portable game that involves moving pieces, counters or cards around a board. Board games can provide entertainment for groups of people whilst on glamping holidays.

Boat Ramp

The structure from which a power or non-power boat can be launched onto a body of water.

Body Board

A wide flat piece of foam used for lying flat on and riding on waves in the sea.

Bohemian camping tent

Unique tent style, often handmade, using soft canvas style materials in a hippie decorative style.


A very large fire, usually lit in celebration.


A style of camping where the person uses an camper van for shelter, but with no electricity or mains water supply. This allows them to camp in more remote locations with the security of a camper van.

Boot bag

A fabric bag designed to hold and carry walking boots in.


A basic camping hut, situated on hiking paths that can be used to stop for the night on a long hiking journey. Often situated in the Scottish highlands.

Bottle Opener

A device that allows the user to remove the lid from a glass bottle.

Boutique bell tents

Bell tents that are designed and tailored to the individual needs of the individual customer.

Boutique camping

A smaller, more luxury outdoor living experience usually run by an independent glamping agency.

Boutique festival

A small festival, aimed at providing a tailor-made and luxurious experience.

Boutique outdoor accommodation

Unique and individual camping & glamping experiences, often run by a small business or individual.

Box Oven

An ingenious solution to the lack of fixed oven whilst camping or glamping, a box oven is a foil lined cardboard box, in which hot coals can be placed to create an insulated, makeshift oven.

Breakfast in bed

The morning meal eaten in bed often as a treat it when on holiday.


The description given to indicate the porosity of fabrics. Breathable fabrics are not waterproof.


A container in the shape of a cylinder that can carry multiple things.

Bucket Hat

A soft cloth hat with a wide brim at all sides.

Bucks Fizz

A breakfast cocktail typically drunk as a celebration or on holiday that contains sparkling wine mixed with orange juice.

Bug jacket

A jacket which has an exterior that naturally repels insects whilst camping.

Bug Spray

Spray that is used to kill pests and insects.

Bum Bag

A bag with a single strap that can be worn as a belt.

Bungee cord

A long band made from nylon and rubber that is tied around objects to secure them.

Bunk Bed

A bed with another bed built directly above, good for kids when space needs to be saved.


Different brightly coloured flags on string that can be hung decoratively for event spaces.


The set of skills required to survive in the bush, based on indigenous practices.


A shelter or hut that is built near to a body of water such as a pool or the sea.


A supply of food and/or essential stock stored for future use.


French coffee press for filtering out coffee granules and creating a cup of black coffee.


A thin waterproof jacket that covers the torso and upper legs.

California King Bed

72" wide and 82" long, California King's are the longest on the market.

Camel Pack

A flexible rubber backpack for the storage of large amounts of water often with a spout or straw.

Camp Bed

A camping bed elevated by four legs, usually easy to assemble and made with durable material.

Camp Fire

An outdoor fire located in a campsite.

Camp Songs

Upbeat songs with repetitive choruses to rouse people around a campfire.

Campaign Furniture

Furniture that has been designed for travel, the main feature being that they can be compacted by folding or collapsing.


A motorised transportable vehicle with living facilities inside.

Campfire Cocktail

Cocktails enjoyed outside by an open fire, often using ingredients and methods inspired by the smoky setting.

Camping duvet

A warm, insulated blanket that, unlike a sleeping bag, allows more movement.

Camping fairy lights

Strings of LED lights used to decorate outdoor camping areas, often used to create a cosy camping experience.

Camping furniture

Portable chairs and tables that can be used for outdoor experiences and stored easily.

Camping Hammock

Made from very light weight material that will last well against the elements.

Camping Lantern

A portable light, generally fuelled by propane, with one or two mantels.

Camping music festivals

Organised music events where attendees camp overnight on the premises.

Camping stool

A lightweight, collapsable stool made from an aluminium frame.

Camping structures

The various forms and designs of tents used for camping.

Camping Table

A collapsable table that can be folded down and stored away to save room whilst camping.

Camping toaster

A small, portable toaster that is operated with the use of a gas cooker.

Camping trail

A walking trail starting and finishing at a campsite.

Camping wardrobe

An easy-to-assemble wardrobe made from canvas material and steel legs.

Camping washing line kit

A portable and retractable cord that is used to dry clothing on.

Can opener

A device used to cut the lid off a tin can.


Small, decorative portions of food that can be handed out by staff as part of a glamping catering experience.

Candle Holder

A container for candles that prevents the area around the candle from fire damage and is also decorative.


A block or blocks of wax with a flammable wick inside it used to slowly burn a flame as light source or heating device.


A fun family friendly activity that involves paddling single seater or group boats along a river.


A piece of material hung outside a tent to provide shelter or covering.


A small sturdy water bottle, usually made out of metal.


The type of material used for the walls of yurts. They can be treated in different ways to make them stronger to the elements.


A head covering with a peak in the front to protect the user from the sun's rays.

Car Camping

Generally done at a designated campsite, car camping is when a camper brings their car near the area of their camp. This allows them to have more supplies and have an easier stay.


A small metal tool used to clip things or securely hold ropes or anchors.


A large trailer containing the same facility as a mobile home, however are much cheaper.

Card Games

Games that are played using cards between one or more people; perfect for bringing people together whilst glamping.

Cast Iron door mat

A door mat used for decoration, cast from iron.

Cat Hole

A small hole that can be used as a makeshift lavatory. Dug off the campsite, away from trails and at least 20 meters from the nearest water source.


A large, deep metal cooking pot, often with a lid, used for cooking over and open fire.


A popular activity where participants are guided through dark underground caves, perfect for team building and corporate glamping activities.

Certificated Site

A campsite that has been granted permission by the Camping and Caravanning club. It can allow tents and up to five caravans on site.

Certified Locations

A camping or glamping spot that has been certified for use by the UK Caravan Club.

Chaise Longue

A long sofa with the back of a chair; upholstered and comfortable.


A small wooden house often found in scenic locations and used for holidays.


A sparkling white wine for the french region, Champagne.


A decorative light fitting containing many light bulbs or candles hung from the ceiling.


The most common fuel for a BBQ, often sold in bags on camping and glamping sites.

Charcoal Chimney

An appliance used for outdoor cooking used to start charcoal.

Check In

The action of registering at the campsite upon arrival.

Check out

The action of making sure everything is in order before leaving the campsite.

Cheese Board

A board or platter with a selection of cheeses, chutneys and crackers on it that is served after a meal.

Cherry firewood

A type of wood that creates a nice odor when burned and a small amount of smoke.


A large cuboid storage facility often made out of lester or wood.


A pear-shaped, clay fireplace with a spherical bottom and a tall smoke chimney.


Derived from the spanish word for chimney and traditionally made from terracotta, a Chiminea resembles the shape of a fireplace.


A food made using ground cacao seeds and often mixed with milk and sugar in solid form.

Circus tent

A large canvas structure in which diverse entertainment is performed such as acrobatics or fire-eating.

Citronella Candles

A candle that repels mosquitoes when lit.


A device used for fastening other items together.

Clay Chiminea

A Chiminea constructed from the more traditional material of clay, making it long-lasting.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A fun and unique outdoor activity that involves shooting a clay pigeon, imitating the actions used in hunting.


A thin layer of transparent plastic that sticks to both itself and surfaces. Ideal for covering food whilst camping.

Closed Campsite

A campsite that has high levels of vegetation and limited sun light.

Closed-end Zip

A zip that can not open fully due to a stopper being placed in the way, creating a partial opening.

Coastal Location

The term given to a camping or glamping site that is situated on the coast, near the beach.


Outer layer of clothing for the upper body that can protect against adverse weather and cold conditions.

Cocktail Bar

A bar for the service of cocktails and other high end alcohol.

Cocktail Shaker

The apparatus for mixing alcohol, juices, ice and other fresh ingredients to make a cocktail.

Coconut Fibre door mat

A door mat that is made mainly from coconut fibres.


A warm beverage made by soaking ground coffee beans in boiling water.

Coffee Pot

Traditionally a tall pot used to brew and serve coffee from.

Coffee table

A low lying table designed to be put between furniture.

Collapsible dog bowl

A portable dog bowl to hold water on walks. Are made of plastics.

Collapsible kitchen stand

A set of shelves that are lightweight and foldable for easy transportation.

Collapsible water carrier

A water carrier that folds down flat and is designed for easy storage.

Colour-coded poles

Technical poles used in tent assembly to easily identify which pole should be used where. Allows for easy and quick assembly of any camping or glamping tent!

Combination padlock

A device used for locking that is secured and opened using a combination of numbers or symbols instead of keys.

Combined Site

A National Forest Campsite that allows both tents and RVs.


A mental or physical state of ease and absence of distress.


A group of people that are living together or have something in common. This can be a temporary such as in a glampsite.


A device used to get one's bearings and show the direction of magnetic north with the use of pointers.

Compost toilet

A toilet block that uses natural composting methods to dispose of waste and create compost for gardens. Sawdust and ash is often used instead of chemicals.

Concrete Pergola

An outdoor feature that uses concrete to create a frame that can be used as shade or shelter.


A substance applied to hair after shampooing to maintain it's quality and make it shine.

Conference table

A large table designed to fit many people around, they are also used for large communal dining areas.

Continuous Zip

A classic zip used on tents which does not have a start or an end point.

Convertible mattress/seat

A mattress that has folds and straps that the user can use to turn it into a seat for the floor.

Cooked Breakfast

A traditional form of breakfast containing different cooked ingredients such as sausages, eggs, hash browns, and mushrooms.

Cool bag

An insulated bag that keeps provisions cool.

Cool box

A lidded container that keeps food and drinks cooler for longer.

Cool camping

Leading company in camping and glamping holidays.


A picturesque clearing in the woods that can be used as the setting for woodland based glamping and camping activities. The trees provide natural walls and protection from the elements.

Cord repair kit

A kit used to repair broken shock corded poles on the tent.


A device used to remove the cork from a bottle.

Corporate events

Events organised by a business or corporate entity that provide hospitality or social experiences to their staff.

Cotton Tent Fabric

An tent fabric that is breathable and naturally waterproof as well as providing good insulation.

Cowboy Camping

Camping with no tent or shelter, generally done in warm climates for an 'under the stars' experience.


Dishes for serving food and eating off.


Appliances used for eating. E.g. Fork, Knife, Spoon.


Move in time with music, often following pre-planned steps. Common entertainment form at glampsites.

Day Bed

Bed/sofa hybrid, day beds are similar to Futons; however look slightly more luxurious.


A small, often pre-packed bag that contains sufficient gear and supplies for one day's adventure!


Anchoring a tent into a rock or log in the ground, providing solid support for the stakes.

Deck Chairs

A recliner style canvas chair used to relax in the sun, often on seaside or camping trips.


Wooden or plastic flooring often used on glamping sites to avoid the muddy or dirty ground.


Items for making a space or object more pleasing on the eye.

Deflator pump

Air pump that features a deflate setting as well as an inflate setting.

Dehydrated food

Food that has had the moisture removed to preserve it, meaning it will keep for long trips without refrigeration.

Delta Peg

Specially designed for extreme weather conditions, the delta peg is perfect for holding guy lines in place.


A reference to something superior, elegant, or luxury.

Deluxe Bell Tent

A rounded, cone style tent with luxurious features such as a log burner, free standing bath or deluxe furniture.


The weight measurement used to identify the thickness and fineness of certain ropes and threads often used in camping equipment and backpacks.


Relaxation and cleansing of one's body. Often done by visiting a spa or the great outdoors.

Diamond Tarp

A shelter-providing tarp providing protection from rain and wind that is hung with one point higher than the others.

Die Cast Iron Chiminea

A Chiminea that usually has a wall thickness of 2mm, making it a light-weight option whilst still producing plenty of heat.

Diesel Generator

Generators powered by diesel, usually more robust than any other type of generator as the fuel has a lower burning point. They still release harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Dining table

Any table used to eat around, can vary in size.

Dinner Set

A set that includes all the necessary utensils and crockery for dinner.

Directors chair

A chair designed to be lightweight and moveable. It is supported by a strong fabric that holds the load and acts as the seat.


A party in which people dance to upbeat music with decorative lighting on display.

Disco Light

A multicoloured flashing light that is played in time with music as people dance.

Dispersed Camping

Camping in rural areas with limited or no access to amenities or facilities.

Ditty bag

A small bag used to carry odds and ends.


The process a landowner goes through to diversify the earning potential of their land - many farmers for example will diversify their land by hosting glamping and camping holidays.

Dog lead

A lead used to keep a dog close to the owner.


A more modern design of tent that that has become very common. It is held by anchored poles that cross at the top to create tension thus forming a dome.

Dome tent

A tent in the shape of a dome that has two primary poles which cross at the top of the tent.

Door mat

A mat that is used at the entrance of the tent to clean feet and shoes before entering.

Double glazed

Used for door and window insulation, can be useful in cabins where heat escapes quickly.

Double mosquito net

A hanging mosquito net that fits over a double bed.

Double PVC airbed

Fully PVC air bed that does not have a material outer and is suitable for two people.

Double sleeping bag

A warm bag for sleeping whilst camping that fits two people.

Double sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag liner designed to fit a double sleeping bag.

Double wall construction

Refers to tents that have a second, generally not water-proof, breathable lining inside the outer wall. The inner wall is called the 'Canopy' and gives insulation while allowing more airflow within the tent.

Down Jacket

A warm jacket that is stuffed with soft bird feathers for insulation.

Dressing Gown

A thick, comfortable, loose robe worn around the house or after getting out of the shower.

Dressing table

A table that has a mirror at one side so the user can get ready while sat down.

Dried Flowers

Decorative flowers that have been dried to last longer without wilting.

Dried fruit

Dehydrated fruit ideal for snacking when camping or on hikes.


Pieces of wood that have washed up from the sea and are used as decoration or for making furniture.

Duck Board

A small raised platform that is generally used bathrooms or areas where water may be on the floor.

Duct Tape

A multi-purpose adhesive tape which is also waterproof.

Dustpan and brush

A small cleaning device that is used for small sweeping jobs.

Dutch oven

A lidded cast-iron pot containing charcoal that is used for cooking whilst camping.


A duvet is a filled-quilt used to keep you warm when sleeping.

Ear plugs

Soft material that is placed in the ear to cancel out noise.


A method of constructing outdoor accomodation and facilities that is conscious of it's impact on the environment.

Economy Pitch

A low-budget pitch with grass and no access to electric.

Eight Man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate eight people.

Elastic bungee balls

A circular piece of elastic attached to a ball that are used to secure groundsheets.

Electric blanket

A blanket that produces heat.

Electric Heater

A device powered by electricity that produces heat.

Electric Hookup

A device that provides electricity for your tent when camping.

Electrical Radiator

Small heating apparatus that can be used to provide heat for glamping pods and other fixed glamping accommodation.

Electrical water pump shower

A type of shower that is powered by a 12v motor producing the energy required to pump water out of a shower head. They can have either submersible or free standing pumps.


The orange glowing feature of a campfire that has died down. Embers are the hottest part of a fire and the best for cooking on.


Crockery or kitchen utensils that have an enamel coating.

End table

A small table that is usually placed beside furniture such as a sofa.

Ensuite camping

A Camping experience where toilet facilities are included within the tent.

Ensuite hut

A wooden pod that includes a toilet or bathroom.

Ensuite Tent

Usually a luxury camping tent that has built in toilet facilities.


The place through which to gain admittance to a certain space such as a glamping site or festival.


A distraction or break from normal daily life.


An alcoholic chemical compound used as an ingredient to light fires.

Extension lead

An electric lead that allows electronics to be used far from a plug socket

Factory taped seams

Seams on a well-made tent that contain waterproof material.


A pile of sticks or kindling bound together for the purpose of fueling a fire,


The keeping and training of birds of prey which is often offered as a show, where glamping guests can experience the birds hunting practices.

Family Inflatable tent

A tent that needs air to be erected and is a suitable size for a family.

Family tent

A tent that has enough space for the whole family.

Family Time

Quality time spent together as a family without the distractions of normal routine.

Family-size yurt

A yurt that is large enough to accommodate a family.

Fancy Dress

An unusual costume or outfit worn to a party, celebration or festival.

Fanny pack

A small bag to hold essentials that ties around the waist.

Farm Shop

A grocery shop designed to sell produce directly to consumers on the farm. Farm shops are extremely popular on glamping and camping sites as guests can buy local produce for their trip.


Land which is owned by a farmer, often allocated to grazing animals. Glampers must be careful about animals and their right to access farmland that is near their campsite.

Feather Boa

A decorative colourful scarf with feathers on it.


A metal frame that is placed around a fire to stop the spread of flames and to stop fuel it embers from falling out.


An organised event consisting of entertainment such as music, circus, and theatre. They usually take place if multiple days with customers camping or glamping overnight.

Festival Arena

The area of a festival seperate from the campsite where the entertainment is situated.

Festival camping

Outdoor living experience that can be enjoyed at arts and music festivals.

Festival tent

A light-weight and hassle-free tent, perfect to erect and pack down easily.

Fiberglass Pergola

An outdoor feature that uses fibre glass to create a frame that can be used as shade or shelter.


A day for art, performance and celebration.

Fine Dining

A sophisticated eating experience with full table-service and high quality food.

Fire Bellows

An air bag with handles that can be used to pump air into a fire to aid the process of lighting it.

Fire bowl

A metal bowl used for fires usually above ground and portable.

Fire Column

A square or rectangular feature made from wood or stone that accommodates a fire on top.

Fire Extinguisher

A safety object that sprays foam, water or gas to put out an unwanted flame.

Fire Feature

A focal piece that displays fire.

Fire Iron

An iron tool used for poking a fire and adjusting the position of fuel without burning oneself.

Fire Rings

A grated iron ring in which you can safely contain a campfire.

Fire Table

A functional table that holds a fire in the middle.

Fire Walking

An experience often used in corporate glamping experiences, experts can show and teach guests how to walk on hot coals.


Small, flammable materials that can be used to make lighting a fire for your campsite much easier!


A dug out pit used to safely house a fire.


A common fuel used for a campfire that can also be used as a decorative feature.

First Aid Kit

A basic kit that includes essential items needed in case of an accident.


The leisure or sports activity of catching fish with a rod or a net. Often done as a part of a glamping holiday near to a body of water.

Fishing creel

A basket made from wicker where fish or pleat are placed into for carrying.

Fishing rod

A rod used to catch fish, they can be simple and inexpensive all the way to professional standard.

Fishing stool

A comfortable, compact chair ideal for sitting on while fishing.

Five man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate five people.


A large drinks container with a handle and pouring spout.


A large upright pole used for flying a decorative piece of material.


Shaped material that is decorated and used to display a country flag or message. Often used in festival crowds and to decorate event spaces.


Also called a torch, a flash light gives a focused light while being portable and small.


An insulated container designed to keep liquid hot.


A garment made of warm and soft fabric to provide warmth.

Fleece carpet

Soft carpets made from polyester to make your tent more homely as well as offer extra insulation.


A rock that is used with steel to create a spark that can be used to start a fare whilst glamping.

Flint spark lighter

A device that uses a flint and metal to create consistent sparks to light a fire quickly.

Flip flops

A plastic or rubber sandal secured to the feet by material between the toes.

Floor area

The amount of useable floor space in a tent.

Flower Garden

A garden specifically for the growing of flowers for display or for picking for decoration.


Decorative natural bouquets that can be used to give colour and vibrancy to a glamping event.

Foam mat

A thin foam mat used as a mattress.

Foil Dinner

A pre-made meal wrapped in foil which is then cooked on the campfire.

Foldable Chair

A chair that can be dismantled or collapsed for easy transport or storage.

Foldable washing bowl

A plastic washing bowl that can be folded for easy transportation and storage.

Folding Table

A table that folds and can be put away to create more space.

Food containers

Sealable boxes that are used to store food.

Foot Pump

An air-pump controlled by the pressing down of the foot.

Foot Spa

A bowl containing warm water to soak one's feet and have them massaged by jets for relaxation.


The bottom end of the sleeping bag.


The size, in square foot, and shape of a tents floor.


The act of gathering ingredients from the earth, often in woodland areas. Often used as a glamping workshop where guests can learn how to recognise edible foods in the wilderness.


Large wooded areas with varying vegetation and wildlife making them popular for glamping and camping.

Four Man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate four people.

Four poster bed

A high end type of bed with luxurious feel, they are distinguishable by their four post that come up from either corner of the bed.

Four seasons tents

Any tent that is designed for use year round and in all weather conditions.

Free Standing tents

Any tent that does not need the support of guylines or anchors.

Free-standing Pergola

A pergola with four legs that stands away from any walls.

Freestanding tent

A tent style that requires no ropes or pegs to support its structure, which is often embedded into the tent design.

Freezer board cooler

Rectangular blocks filled with liquid that can be repeatedly frozen and used in cool boxes.

Fuel Paste

A paste that is used to help light fires, most commonly used in a fondue.

Fuel tablets

Tablets made of solid fuel that are used to create fire.

Full hookup

If a campsite is advertised as Full Hookup, this means they have electricity, running water and sewage facilities that you are able to connect with from your camper van.


A term used to describe people who live in their caravan all year round.

Fur Rug

A floor covering made of animal skin or faux animal skin covered in soft hair.


Foldable bed serving also as a sofa, fulton's dual purpose allow for more space in a cabin.


A waterproof piece of material worn over the shoe, starting from the instep and finishing at the knee.


A patch of ground, often enclosed by a fence, in which plants and lawn can be grown.

Gas Heater

A device powered by gas that produces heat.

Gas mantles

A device that, when warmed by a flame, produces a bright white light.

Gas regulator

A device used to regulate the pressure of gas.


A freestanding shelter designed with open sides and a roof which provides shelter from both rain or sunshine.


Equipment used for an intended purpose such as glamping equipment.

Gear Loft

Netting or cloth that is placed above the tent and is used as a small storage space.

Gel Fuel

A gel like substance used as a fuel for lighting fires.


A unique activity, where a package of items is hidden somewhere in the countryside and people must use digital coordinates and reference images to locate it.

Geodesic tent

Similar shape to the dome tent but with more poles to increase its stability.

Ger yurt

A dwelling in the shape of a circle that is portable.


A form of camping that is more luxurious than traditional camping, utilising more comfortable facilities.

Glamping experience

When one participates in a camping experience with high levels of comfort and plentiful amenities.

Glamping for two

A glamping experience usually enjoyed by a couple, often with a romantic style.

Glamping gear

The equipment used to maximise the glamping experience.

Glamping Hire

The rental of comfortable, luxurious camping accommodation and equipment.

Glamping tent to rent

The hiring of a luxury tent for a specific period of time.

Glamping tents

Tents made specifically for a more luxurious experience.

Glamping tipi

One of the various luxury tent styles used for glamping, Tipi's are a pointed cone shaped tent that originated from North America.

Glamping Village

The specific area at a festival that is for glamping accommodation.

Glamping wedding

A wedding that is held mostly outside, with glamping style event space and accomodation.


A campsite that has more or the amenities of normal life such as a bed, electricity, and hot water facilities.

Glastonbury glamping

A luxury, pre-erected camping experience at the UK's largest music festival.

Glastonbury tents

Camping accomodation at the UK's largest most prestigious music festival.

Goose Down Duvet

A duvet that is stuffed with goose feathers for increased comfort and warmth.

Goose Down Pillow

A pillow that is stuffed with goose feathers for increased comfort.


A material that is both breathable and water-resistant.

GPS Device

A navigation device that is used to track a person's location using satellites.

Gravity fed shower

A type of portable shower that has a water tank/ bag that is put above the height of the shower head so the water can run through freely.

Grey Water

Waste water that has been used but not fouled i.e. from the sink, shower or laundry. Grey Water can be naturally filtered and reused as part of an eco-glamping experience.


Metal frame used to cook on a BBQ.

Grill brush

A wire brush used to clean the camping grill.

Ground Anchor

A heavy duty peg that buries deeply into the ground for maximum security.

Ground Stakes

Anchoring pins that are pushed into the ground to hold down a structure in case of bad weather conditions. They can come in a wide variety of lengths and widths.


A waterproof sheet placed under the tent to keep it dry.

Groundsheet Peg

Steel pegs used to keep the groundsheet secure.

Group Campground

A Campsite designed solely for groups of campers.


An abbreviation of grams per square meter, this measures the weight of a particular fabric.


A stringed instrument played by plucking or strumming and often played around a campfire.

Guy line pegs

Pegs specifically made to keep the guy lines secure in the ground.

Guy ropes

Strings or cords that are pegged into the ground to provide tension to a tent. They are often brightly coloured to avoid tripping on them.

Guy-out loops

Used to secure the guy-ropes to the tent.


Thin, but strong, ropes that anchors different areas of a structure to the ground. They attach from the outer wall of a structure to a stake.

Half poster bed

A high end bed with two posts rising from either corner of the head of the bed and two very short ones from the foot, known for their expensive look.

Halfround U Peg

A strong peg made from steel and can be used in multiple different types of ground due to its high levels of resistance.


A tool used to hit objects or pull nails.


A comfortable bed of material, often canvas or rope mesh that can be hung between two supports. A perfect comfort addition to any glamping site.

Hammock mosquito net

A mosquito net specifically designed to fit a hammock to keep out insects.

Hammock tent

Similar to the bivy tent but elevated off the ground.


A basket for the carrying of food and eating equipment for outdoor eating.

Hand warmers

Small devices used to warm the users hand, usually are held or put under gloves. They can come in disposable and reusable forms.

Hand wipes

Wipes used for cleaning purposes, cannot be flushed down the toilet.

Hard shell roof tent

A tent that has been designed to fit to the roof of a vehicle and be put up on top. It is protected with a hard casing when not in use.

Harpoon Peg

A peg designed for soft and medium grounds that has a large surface area and offer a lot of grip.


A detached head covering used for warmth or protection from rain or sun.


A small sturdy backpack.

Hawthorn firewood

A dense type of wood used for campfires that produces a large amount of heat.

Hazel firewood

A versatile type of wood that burns for a long period of time.

Head Gasket

A piece of material that keeps the warmth in at the head of a sleeping bag.

Head torch

A battery-powered light fixed to a headband that can be worn to increase visibility.

Heated Blanket

An electric blanket that heats up and can go either underneath or on top of the user.

Heating Element

A piece of metal that is electrically heated to very high temperatures and can be placed in water to boil it.

Heavy duty peg

Peg designed to penetrate extremely hard ground.

Hen Party

A large group, often female, of guests who are celebrating a bride's last days before marriage.

Herb Garden

A small garden for the growing of herbs for cooking.

Hessian Rug

A coarse floor covering made of hemp.


A walk intended for pleasure or exercise - usually over a longer distance covering various topography.


The leisure activity of walking a long distance, often through the countryside or in tough terrain such as up mountains.

Hiking Boots

Heavy-duty shoes designed to protect the sole and ankle when walking in adverse conditions.

Hiking Pole Tent

A colloquial term given to a tent that can be erected using hiking poles alone, used by only the most resourceful and efficient campers!

Hiking Socks

A long-lasting sock made from multiple fabrics which provide comfort and warmth for long distance hikes

Hip flask

A small flask that holds alcohol.


A leisure period away from work that often involves travelling to new places and doing new things.

Holistic Workshops

The general term given to the extremely popular workshops offered during glamping experiences. The most common holistic activities include Yoga, Pilates and Stargazing.


Also known as a Sunken Path, a Holloway is a path that has fallen below it's banks due to erosion, creating a small valley shape.


An efficient type of insulation used in duvets and sleeping bags, Hollowfibre is a collection of polyester fibres that reduces weight but does not compromise insulation.

Honesty box

A money collection box used in the absence of a member of staff to collect fees for a product or service.


A post-wedding celebration for the bride and groom - can be anything from wild camping or glamping to a holiday overseas.

Hooked rug

A type of rug made by hand and generally made from burlap.

Horse Camp

Also known as Equestrian Campgrounds, this term refers to a specific area of any campground that can accommodate guests that have travelled on horseback.

Hot tub

A large square tub filled with water that is hot and aerated.

Hot water bottle

A small bottle made from rubber that the user fills with hot water to create heating in bed or under clothing.

House Plant

A plant that thrives on an indoor location such as a house and can be used as decoration for yurts and tents.

Hula Hoop

A large hoop that is spun around the user's waist by moving the hips as a form of entertainment.


An activity often used in corporate glamping experiences, participants learn to track and hunt animals for food.


A basic single storey and often single room shelter often found in forests or on the beach.

Hydration pouch

A backpack or waist pack that is used to store and transport water.

Hydro bag

A backpack containing water with a long straw that allows the user to stay hydrated whilst walking.

Hydrostatic Head

A technical measurement of waterproofing used to identify water resistance in tents and clothing.

Ice Bucket

A container filled with ice for keeping drinks at a cool temperature when electric fridges are not available; such as when glamping or camping.

Ice pack

Freezable ice blocks that are used in a cool box to keep food and drink cool.


The general term given to an event that serves to break any awkwardness amongst a group of people. Icebreakers are most often used in corporate glamping experiences.


A small pit used for cooking, does not have to be deep.


A substance that is burned to release a pungent smoke.

Inflatable Pillow

A pillow made out of plastic that can be pumped up.

Inflatable Polycotton tent

An inflatable tent that uses a material made from a blend of polyester and cotton.

Inflatable tents

A modern style of tent, which utilises inflatable tubes instead of poles. The contained air acts as the same structural support as poles, whilst saving on packed tent space!

Insect Repellent

A chemical or natural ointment that can be applied to repel biting insects such as mosquitoes or midges. A must have for wild camping in locations such as Scotland.

Insulated Mugs

A small insulated container designed to keep drinks hot for up to eight hours, or cold for 12, while on the move.


Glamping huts often benefit from built in insulation, which ensures heat is kept in for a warm cosy glamping experience.

Inverter generator

A type of generator that has an inverter connected to the engine. The AC power that is produced is then converted into DC power by a rectifier. These are very quiet and fuel will last much longer than in petrol or diesel, however are very expensive.

Invisible Zip

A zip which has the 'teeth' located on the underside of the zip so you are unable to see it.

Iron Ranger

A box used at campsites to collect outstanding fees when no-one is working.


A hard, dense wood which produces a average amount of heat but burns for a long period of time when mixed with other firewood.


A thin strip of land, surrounded by water on both sides.


A travel plan used to identify the intended times, routes and modes for travel.


A traditionally square, large bathtub with bubbling water and jets used to relax in.

Joss stick

Half-round U Peg

Junior Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag designed for children.


A type of large fire bowl used for cooking or to have an open fire.


A more active option for river based activities. Kayaking is done in single seater boats and is often on faster flowing water for a more adventurous activity!

Kelly Kettle

A water chamber that engulfs a fire chimney and is used for the efficient heating of water whilst camping or glamping.

Kerosene Lighters

A device that creates an immediate flame and stops once the user switches it off.


A lidded-device used to boil water.


A thin, comfortable, open Japanese robe.


The name given to the small, easier to light, pieces of wood used in the beginning process of making a campfire.

King size bed

76" wide and 80" long, King beds are the widest on the market.

Kit bag

A long, rectangular, canvas bag used for carrying one's possessions.


Canvas or paper draped over a light frame and attached to string or rope. It is used to catch the wind and provide entertainment.


A canvas backpack that is waterproof.


A large body of fresh water often used for swimming and water sports making it a popular holiday or glamping destination.


An object that emits light, usual powered by electricity, oil or gas.


A cover for a light bulb used to reduce glare or change the colour of the light being emitted.

Large Groups

A party of guests, usually made up of 6 or more people who are travelling as a group of friends. Often camping or glamping sites will not accept large groups for fear of disruptions.

Lean to

A three walled shelter with an open side and an overhanging roof.

Leave No Trace

An act of leaving the campsite in the same state as when you arrived.

Leg Warmers

Comfortable, knitted tubes that are worn on the legs between ankle and knee for warmth.

Leisure sleeping bag

Offer lots of room and are generally lined with soft material for comfort.

Light Bulb

An electric glass bulb that provides light.


A small plastic or metal device that produces a flame from lighter fluid.

Line Locks

The small plastic lock systems used on tent guy ropes to lock them in place and ensure they do not slacken.

Lip Balm

A substance made from wax designed to soothe chapped lips.

Liquid Firelighter

A liquid that facilitates the lighting of an outdoor fire.


A Scottish lake; popular glamping destinations due to Scotland's natural beauty.


A metal cupboard that can be used to keep valuable objects safe as it can be locked.


The height and thickness of a sleeping bags insulation.

Log burner

A solid metal stove designed for wood-burning.

Log Cabin

A fixed abode made of shaped and treated round logs, often situated in the woods. A great addition to a camping or glamping site for a more comfortable experience.


Chopped up and often treated pieces of wood used as fuel for log-burning stoves or campfires.

Long drop toilet

Toilets that are connected to a big tank buried underground, this takes away the risk of waste build up. They tend to be used for big events.

Long Weekend

A holiday taken at the weekend that encompasses either Monday or Friday as well.


An object that amplifies sounds over a great distance and is commonly used as a means of addressing large crowds.

Low poster bed

A high end bed with four posts rising in each corner, however not as long as a traditional four poster bed.

Low-level camping table

An durable, short, camping table that is easy to pack away and can be used as a bedside table.

Luxury camping

A form of camping which includes amenities that are not usually associated with traditional camping.

Luxury camping bed

Typically a more comfortable and indulgent air mattress or camping bed.

Luxury camping chairs

Portable camping chairs that are more comfortable and luxurious than standard chairs, designed for a boutique glamping experience.

Luxury camping hire

The renting of high end camping equipment, typically bell tents, tipis or pods that are already set up.

Luxury camping pods

A pre set-up wooden hut, generally with more amenities than traditional camping.

Luxury Chemical Portable toilet

A high end portable toilet that has a fresh water and chemical flushing system. Glamping sites may use these as they give very similar experience to using a regular toilet.

Luxury family tent

A large, high end tent that provides a spacious, luxurious experience for whole families.

Luxury glamping

An even more luxurious form of glamping, using high end and boutique accommodation and features.

Luxury Railway carriage

An old train carriage that has been converted into luxury accommodation, often used on farms or as part of a wider glamping experience.

Luxury Suite

A very high end glamping suite with all the luxury features needed for a special outdoor experience.

Luxury tent hire

The act of renting a luxury tent for a set amount of days.

Luxury tents

A tent made to provide a high level of comfort, usually costing more.

Luxury trailer

A deluxe style of caravan trailer with luxurious facilities.

Luxury Yurt

A high end, boutique glamping tent design, based on those used by Mongolian or Siberian nomads.

Machine made carpets

Inexpensive and usually containing synthetic material, they are easy to replace if become stained or over used.

Macramé Hanging

A lacey, knotted piece of fabric hung as decoration.

Macramé Plant Holder

A hanging play holder made of knotted rope or cord.

Mains connection lead

An electrical lead that connects to mains power.

Mains powered Portable toilet

A type of portable toilet that connects straight into a sewage system, uncommon in caravans, however permanent camp settlements may use these.


A large hammer with a wooden handle, used for hitting tent pegs in to the ground.


An image that shows a particular area of land, including landmarks, allowing you to identify your location and plan your route.

Map measurer

An instrument that facilitates the navigation and measuring of a map or route.

Maple Firewood

A firewood that burns slowly and does not produce a bad odour. It can also be used for coal.


A large tent used for day time activities rather than sleeping.


A soft, sweet confectionary often eaten after being cooked on a stick over a fire.


The rubbing and pressing of a person's muscles using oils and lotions as a form of therapy or relaxation.


Short pieces of wood tipped with a flammable, igniting composition used to easily light fires.

Mayan Hammocks

Can take a lot of weight despite being crafted from very fine material, they do not have a spreader bar; but can comfortably hold multiple people.


Grassland often with high natural biodiversity.


A holistic activity that can be offered as part of a glamping experience, where guests have a chance to meditate and calm their senses.

Mesh window

A window made from a interlace of wire or thread.

Mess Kit

A range of silver cooking accessories used whilst camping.

Metal Zip

A long lasting zip with metal teeth which can come in many different colours.

Methylated spirits

A liquid fuel used most commonly in camping stoves.

Mexican Hammock

A woven network or twine suspended between two points for people to sleep and relax on. Traditionally mexican hammocks differ from regular hammocks in that people lie width-ways in them.

Midge Net

A mesh net specifically designed to keep out midges. These are essential on any camping or glamping trip to Scotland!

Mini Break

A short holiday, often taken in the same country or in scenic areas close to home.

Mini Fridge

A small storage space for keeping food and drink cool that is often in luxury accommodation such as hotel rooms or glamping yurts.

Mini oven

A portable, small oven, perfect for cooking while camping.


Typically glass coated with a metal amalgam, which reflects a clear image.


A deep, water-filled trench surrounding a camp or building.

Mobile phone pouch

A plastic PVC pouch that holds a mobile phone and provides a protective waterproof layer.


A lotion used to prevent and reverse dryness in the skin.

Molded Zip

A zip that has larger teeth and is made from plastic.

Moon chair

A low, round chair that is very strong and comfortable.

Moroccan Lantern

A decorative light source from Morocco, traditionally made of metal punctured with many holes and containing a candle.

Mosquito coil

A spiral made of dried paste that releases a mosquito-repelling odour when burned.

Mosquito coil holder

A metal pot which holds a mosquito coil to ensure safe burning.

Mosquito hat net

A net constructed of very fine mesh which is attached to a hat and provides protection from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Spray

Spray that can be applied to the skin to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects.

Mountain Bike

A sturdy bike with many gears and full suspension used for cycling down mountains or on bumpy trails.

Mud Bath

A tub or hole filled with warm, wet mud bathed in in order to relax.

Multi-room tent

A tent with more than one compartment for sleeping.

Multi-tool eating utensil

A type of folding cutlery that has the same shape as a multi-tool in order to save space.

Mummy bag

A type of sleeping bag that is designed to be fitted around your body to save heat, they often have a hood to keep your head warm and can look like an egyptian 'mummy'.

Murphy Bed

A type of bed that folds up onto a wall from one end (usually the head), to create space. They are also known as pull down beds.

Music Band

A group of people that perform music together as entertainment for an audience.

Nalgene bottle

A highly durable and long-lasting plastic bottle that can sustain camping conditions.

National Trust

The charitable trust set up to protect natural and man-made historical areas in the UK.

Natural Gas

Used as a source of heat and gas, natural gas is a hydrocarbon.

Natural Gas Generator

Generators that run off of Propane or Butane gas. They are generally slightly cheaper than petrol and diesel generators and have a lower running cost making them a good affordable option.

Natural pond

A pond that has not been man made.

Neck pillow

A pillow designed specifically to support the users neck.

Needle and Thread

Thin cotton string and a sharp tool that together can be used for sewing and repairing items such as clothes and glamping equipment.

Needle Fibre door mat

A door mat with thick bristles that are designed for cleaning heavier dirt.


A publication made from paper containing the latest news.

Noseeum Mesh

A lightweight and durable type of insect repellent mesh netting, designed for much smaller insects.

Noseeum netting

A type of mosquito netting used for camping with 625 holes per inch.

Nylon Coil Zip

A flexible zip that often looks plastic.

Nylon stuff sac

A loose bag to hold a sleeping bag.

Oak firewood

A popular type of wood which burns for a long time and does not produce a lot of smoke.

One man tent

A tent that only has enough space to accommodate one person.


A comfortable one-piece of clothing that covers the whole body and often has a hood.

Open campsite

A campsite that is exposed to high levels of sunlight and have little vegetation.

Open Top Pergola

A freestanding structure designed without a roof.

Open-ended Zip

A type of zip that allows both pieces of fabric to be completely separated from each other.


The process of using a map and compass to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Often used as a corporate or group team building activity.

Ottoman bed

This bed rises from a plate under the mattress to reveal storage space, perfect for small cabins.

Outdoor bath

An outdoor bathtub, often woodfired, used for a romantic outdoor glamping experience.

Outdoor Fireplace

Similar to a traditional fireplace and provides large amounts of warmth.

Outdoor Heater

An electrical appliance that emits heat and can be placed outside in cold weather.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

A dome-shaped, clay oven that is powered by burning wood and used for cooking pizza on the oven's stone base.


Any space that is not covered by a shelter.

Outer shell

The name given to the outer layer of your sleeping bag or clothing, shells can be made from a variety of different materials to suit the consumers needs.


A smaller building that is built in the vicinity of a larger house or manor.

Oven Bottom

Another regional name for the quintessential hot bread roll enjoyed for breakfast on a camping or glamping holiday. Often filled with bacon, sausage or egg!

Oxford Fabric

A light, waterproof fabric used for tents that is strong and durable due to its weaved designed.

Packed Weight

The term given to the exact weight of any camping equipment when it is packed away.


The general name given to the modern style of lightweight, quick-dry towels that are popular amongst backpackers.

Paddling Pool

An small inflatable pool designed for children.


A lock used to fasted objects using a pivoted hook.

Paper Towels

Absorbent paper used for cleaning up spillages or wiping food off one's face or hands.

Paraffin Lamp oil

Flammable fuel used to keep a lamp alight.

Paraffin lighters

Fire lighter made from Paraffin wax designed to burn immediately.


A type of umbrella that provides shelter from the sun.


A gathering of people that involves dancing, music, eating and socialising.

Patio Heater

A metal structure designed for outside spaces which produces heat electrically.

Patio table

An outdoor table that has been treated or is made out of material that will not degrade outside.

Pear firewood

A dense, heavy, clean-burning wood usually in abundant supply.

Peg Puller

An instrument used to extract pegs from the ground when camping.

Pen knife

A handle that has a fold out knife.


A pen with a torch on the end if it.


An artist or entertainer that puts on a display for an audience at a gig or festival.


A structure with an arched design that can be freestanding or attached to a building.

Pergola curtains

Curtains made from material to withstand the outdoor elements.

Persian rug

Crafted by hand, most Persian rugs come from Iran and have elaborate designs.

Personal Tent

A tent with only enough room for one person.

Petrol Generator

Generators powered by petrol, they tend to be smaller and more portable than other generators however have a very negative impact on the environment and produce a lot of noise.

Phone Charger

A wire that connects a phone to a power source and replenishes the phone's battery.

Picket Fence

A traditional low fence made of upright wood connected by horizontal slats. Most are traditionally white.


A meal prepared and then taken to an outdoor space where it is consumed.

Picnic Area

A space designated for outdoor eating; often very scenic and with facilities such as picnic benches.

Picnic Basket

A container, often made of wicker, used to transport the ingredients or dishes for an outdoor meal.

Picnic Bench

A table with benches affixed to either side for eating outdoor meals at.

Picnic Blanket

Usually quilted, a picnic blanket is used on the ground to sit on when eating outside.

Picnic Rug

A mat or blanket used to sit on whilst eating a meal outside.

Picnic table

A table with benches attached that is used for picnicking.

Picnic Umbrella

A large umbrella that is placed at the centre of a picnic table to protect the picnickers from rain and sun.


Similar to Yoga, Pilates is another popular practice used to increase strength and flexibility. Pilates is often offered alongside Yoga as part of glamping packages.


Usually rectangular or square, a pillow is a cloth bag filled with soft materials and used to rest your head on when sleeping.

Pitch fees

A monetary value required to stay on a campsite.

Plastic Chopping Board

A light and easily cleanable chopping board.

Plastic Fork

A fork made of plastic that is lightweight and sturdy and can be easily transported on glamping holidays.

Plastic Knife

A knife made of plastic that is lightweight and sturdy and can be easily transported on glamping holidays.

Plastic Peg

A peg made from plastic and provides high levels of security in soft ground, but can be bent easily.

Plastic Spoon

A spoon made of plastic that is lightweight and sturdy and perfect for transporting on glamping holidays.

Plastic Zip

A zip made from plastic material.


A large plate of different foods that can be served or handed out at a glamping event, such as a wedding.

Playing Cards

Rectangular pieces of card with symbols and numbers on them that can be used to play a variety of games.


A small bag sewn into a bag or item of clothing for storing and transporting items.

Pocket Knife

A small folding knife that can be stored in one's pocket for convenient use whilst camping or glamping.

Pocket Mirror

A small mirror, often with a case, that can be easily transported in a bag or pocket.

Pod accommodation

A small style of outdoor accommodation usually built from wood in a rounded pod shape. Usually contains basic facilities.

Pod pad

Large glamping settlements, generally tailored with the 'boutique' camping experience in mind. Generally includes higher security and better amenities.

Pod tents

Interconnecting pod shaped tents that can be erected individually or joined together to make a larger indoor camping space.

Pole Clips

An alternative to tent pole sleeves, clips are easier to use but provide less support.

Pole sleeves

The small fabric sleeve that run either on the inside or outside of your tent, they are designed to slide the tent poles through to create the structure.

Poly Cotton

A simple fabric made up of a mixture of polyester and cotton fabric, popular in cheaper but high quality camping products.

Polycotton Tent Fabric

A material made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this tent fabric is waterproof and long-lasting.

Polyester Tent Fabric

A commonly used fabric for tents due to the price, strength and durability of it.


A widely used form of plastic that is extremely popular in camping equipment such as outdoor tables, chairs and tents.

Polypropylene door mat

An anti-slip door mat that has an underlayer of vinyl.

Polyurethane coating

A long-lasting material used on tent floors to ensure they are waterproof.


A pullover hooded waterproof garment, often given out for free at festivals and events.

Pop up campsite

A campsite that is designed to be erected and dismantled with speed and ease.

Pop up hotels

A collection of temporary luxury glamping structures that can be erected for an event or festival to provide a luxurious festival experience.

Pop up pod tent

A rounded, pod style camping tent that can be quickly and easily erected using a 'pop up' method.

Pop up teepee

A tipi designed to erect quickly.

Pop-top caravans

A style of campervan that uses a 'pop up' sleeping area that can be put away in the daytime, to save space in the campervan below.


The entrance hall area that can be erected at the front of a bell tent to increase the tent space and store shoes and rain clothes.

Portable Battery Pack

A mobile power supply for charging small items when a mains electrical supply is not accessible.

Portable dog bed

A bed designed for dogs that is easy to transport and light-weight.

Portable eco-bin

A light-weight, easy to assemble bin with compartments to separate recycling from general waste.

Portable Gas Stove

A compact cooking hob, usually comes in a case and runs off a very small fuel canister.

Portable Phone Charger

A compact charging device that runs off a rechargeable battery. The power is measured in mAh.

Portable toilet cabin

Used a lot at camp sites, these have are fitted with multiple toilet units inside and can be personalised to what the business needs.

Portable toilet replacement bags

A bag that is used to deposit toilet waste.

Portable Urinals

These are generally used at fixed campsites where they have the footfall to justify having a stand alone urinal block.

Portable yurt

A yurt that can be easily transported.


A portable toilet cubicle often used at festivals and on campsites.

Posh camping

High end, overnight stay in a tent, tipi or bell tent.

Posh tents

High-end, luxury tents. Commonly more expensive and manufactured to a higher standard.

Posh wash showers

Luxury style portable showers that can be used at a wide range of outdoor events including boutique glamping experiences.


An upright pole or stick used to support something else.

Pot Picker

A utensil used to grab and hold metal pots.

Potable water

A water source that is considered safe and poses little or no health hazards to humans.


A soft cushion that can be used to support the feet or as a stool.

Power pack

A small rechargeable appliance used to power or charge other small electronic devices.

Pre pitched tents

Camping accommodation that is set up for guests before their arrival, often used for glamping experiences.

Primitive campground

A campsite that offers no facilities, including toilets and showers.


The condition of not being disturbed or interrupted by others.

Private Campsite

A campsite that is privately owned by a person or business.

Private parties

Private gatherings that are exclusive and often invite only.

Propane canister

Used for camp stoves and lanterns, this canister is filled with pressurised propane.


A sparkling Italian white wine.

Pump carry bag

A bag used to transport a pump with ease.

Pump pot

A large portable stainless steel container that keeps large quantities of liquid warm.

Pump shower

A type of small compact shower that is operated by pumping a water camber to create pressure, thus forcing water out of a shower head.


A system that removes contaminants from drinking water.

Push/pull pump

Pump that is operated with a handle to push and pull.

PVC map case

A transparent, plastic case that surrounds a map to make it waterproof.

PVC Pergola

An outdoor feature that uses PVC to create a frame that can be used as shade or shelter.

Pyramid fire

A fire that is created by making a solid base of large logs and then laying another layer of slightly shorter logs perpendicular and on top. This is repeated until a pyramid is formed, these fires take a long time to catch, however provide a lot of heat once they are.

Pyramid tent

A tent which consists of a rainfly draped over one pole that resembles the shape of a pyramid.

Queen size bed

60" wide and 80" long, they are designed for couples and offer ample space.

Quick-release buckle

A buckle that is designed to unfasten quicker and easier than a standard buckle.

R Value

The measurement to determine how effective the insulation of a sleeping bag or tent is. The higher the R value, the better the insulation.


A flat floating structure made by fastening logs of floats together and used for travelling on rivers.


A structure consisting of sloping wooden beams which provide support.

Rain curtain

A type of water feature that resembles a curtain.

Rain fly

An outer layer put on a tent to give more protection from the weather, on double walled tents they commonly only cover the top of the tent to allow the camper to see out of the tent windows.

Rain Poncho

A square piece of waterproof material with a hole in the middle for the head to go through and often covered by a hood.


An activity that involves walking the countryside without a particular destination.


The range of degrees C that a sleeping bag will still provide comfortable warmth in.


The area for greeting guests or clients.

Recirculating Chemical toilet

A type of toilet that has a flush mechanism powered by a foot or hand pump, the waste is then sent to a tank ready for emptying.


A camping chair that reclines when sat on.

Recreational Vehicle

Also know as an RV, this is a vehicle that acts as a motorhome or travel trailer.

Recycling bin

A container for the storage and eventual disposal of waste that can be recycled.

Red Wine

Wine produced using dark-coloured grapes.


A place that is far from the general population and any built-up areas.

Repair Patch

A spare piece of tough material that can be stuck or sewn over a hole to fix it.

Repair tape

A multi-purpose tape used to quickly fix multiple camping accessories, including poles and tent fabric.

Retractable Pergola Canopy

A roof that can be put over a pergola.


A peaceful location where one can relax.

Ripple Peg

A drag resistant peg that is best suited for guy lines and gravel.

Ripstop nylon

A material used in tent walls that does not fray.


A wide channel of water that leads from a spring and into the river. They often have scenic banks perfect for glamping spaces.

Rock peg

A large metal nail that can be hammered into hard ground or rocks.

Roll Mat

A piece of material that is slept on whilst camping to provide comfort and insulation from the ground below and is rolled up for storage and transportation.

Roll up water carrier

A plastic container used to carry water that can be rolled up for easy transportation and to save space.

Roof rack

A frame that sits on top of a vehicle and can be used for storage or to house a roof tent.

Rooftop Tent

A tent that can be erected on top of your vehicle.

Room Service

The facility if being able to order food and drinks to ones hotel room, glamping pod or yurt.


Twisted fibres to create a strong cord that can take a lot of weight.

Rope Swing

A swing created by attaching rope to a tree and tying a loop in the bottom.

Rope/String Hammock

Hammock suspended at each end with a 'spreader bar' at either end to create tension.

Round Bed

A bed made in the shape of a circle, usually the same length as a King bed.

Rounders Set

The equipment required to play the game of rounders such as a bat, a ball, and four posts.

Roundwire Peg

The most common type of peg, perfect for firm ground and can be easily bent.

Rowan wood

A very hard type of wood that burns slowly and for a long time.

Rubber door mat

A door mat made out of rubber, weather resistant so mainly used outdoors.

Rubbish Bin

A container for the storage and eventual disposal of waste.


A bag that uses shoulder straps to sit on the users back.

Rucksack liner

Material placed on the inside of a backpack to provide protection from rain water and to keep the contents organised.


A floor covering made from multiple materials, only partially covering the floor.

RV site

A campsite that is designed for Recreational vehicles only and not tents.

S hook

Steel hooks in the shape of an S ideal for holding and storing a variety of items whilst camping.


A US or Canadian camping treat consisting of marshmallows and chocolate between two biscuits that are usually heated over a campfire.

Safari tents

Camping accomodation used for overnight safari experiences in game reserves.


A solid metal box that requires a key or a passcode to open it and can be used for the safe-keeping of valuables.

Salad servers

A pair of long kitchen utensils that are used to serve food.

Sand Cast Iron Chiminea

A Chiminea made from sand with a wall thickness of 6mm, making it strong and heavy and providing better insulation.


A light strapped shoe for wearing outdoors in warm weather.


A room filled with hot air to aid relaxation.


A sharp toothed tool used to cut wood.

Scavenger Hunt

A game in which participants are required to find certain items and clues in order to win.

Scenic View

A view of impressive, often natural, beauty.


A hand-held cutting tool with two metal blades.


An outdoor light that it attached to a wall and often faces up.


A heavy-duty metal cloth used for washing cooking utensils.

Screen Room

Made with tent material, this outdoor structure provides shade from the sun and protection from insects.

Screw Peg

Designed for an easier insertion in to the ground, the screw peg provides high levels of strength in soft ground.

Screw Type Rock Peg

A type of rock peg that has a screw thread on the end providing grip and stability.


A hole or outlet that produces a fountain of water.

Sealed Seams

A waterproofing feature given to tents, which uses a double walled seam to prevent any leakage over time.

Seam guard

A liquid gel applied to tent seams to ensure waterproofing.

Seam Tape

A useful addition to any camping trip, seam tape allows for easy repairs to any split tent seams.


A person employed to protect an area or site against intruders or damage.

Self contained

When a camper van has water, electricity and sewage accessible from within, negating the need to connect at a campsite. This allows for more comfortable Boondocking.

Self inflating mattress

A type of floor mat that will fill with air on its own when it's valve is released. A simple and easy sleeping option for camping that provides more comfort than a roll mat but maintains ease of use.

Self servicing portable toilet

A type of portable toilet that has waste go into a removable cassette so the user can dispose of it. These are very common in caravans and camping vehicles.

Self-inflating mat

A camping mat that inflates without the use of a pump.


A small, mirrored disc that can be sewn onto clothes or cloth to make it sparkle.

Serviced pitches

A camping pitch that provides amenities such as electricity and water.


A napkin used for cleaning food off one's face and hands.

Seven man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate seven people.


Soap specifically for the cleaning of one's hair.


A single-roomed hut used for storage of equipment.

Sheepskin Rug

A floor covering made of sheep skin covered in soft sheep's wool.


A place that provides the user with protection and respite from outside weather conditions.

Shepherd’s Hut

Temporary accommodation often mounted on wheels and made of corrugated iron sheets.


A portable device that allows women to urinate whilst standing up. Commonly used whilst glamping or to avoid toilet queues at festivals.

Shikar tent

Spacious outdoor tents with large outdoor awnings, based on an Indian hunting tent.

Shock-corded poles

Foldable tent poles that are held together by elastic running through the middle.

Shoe bag

A fabric bag designed to hold and carry shoes in.

Shoe Rack

A low shelf for the storage of shoes to avoid dirtying indoor furnishings.


A spade-like tool used for transporting sediments of for digging.

Signal Whistle

A instrument that releases a loud noise when blown.

Silicon Coating

Also known as silnylon, this coating is placed between the nylon fabric to reinforce it, increasing it's durability.


A tuneful performance using the voice.

Single bed

A bed designed to sleep one person.

Single glazed

Simple single layered windows or doors.

Single PVC airbed

Fully PVC air bed that does not have a material outer and is suitable for one person.

Single-wall tent

A tent designed with one non-breathable wall and without a fly.

Sit mat

A small piece of foam designed to be used as a seat.

Six man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate six people.

Skewer Peg

The skewer peg is available in different sizes and is designed with a twist to provide extra grip when in the ground.


Used to stick into meats or veg to make Kebabs for BBQs.

Sleep mask

A piece of material placed over the eyes when sleeping to provide darkness.

Sleeping Bag Case

A canvas or nylon case for storing and protecting a sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag compression sac

Bag for holding a sleeping bag that features straps that can be tightened to shrink the rolled sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag liner

Thin layer of material put inside a sleeping bag for extra insulation and comfort.

Sleeping pad

A cushion placed beneath a sleeping bag to provide insulation.

Slipper Socks

Thick comfortable socks with a durable sole; the combination of a slipper and a sock.


A shoe that can be easily put on or taken off. Used for convenience, warmth and comfort whilst indoors.

Snap eyelets

Metal rings that are used to fix camping accessories such as groundsheets and tarpaulins.


A circular, knitted scarf that can also be used as a hood.

Snow stakes

A type of stake used to anchor in the snow, they have a distinct platform design.


A substance used for cleaning of the hands and body. It is used in unison with water and is specifically effective against dirt and oils.


A cushioned seat that is very comfy and designed for two or more people.

Sofa Throw

A piece of material, often embroidered, that decoratively covers a sofa.

Soft shell roof tent

A tent that has been designed to fit to the roof of a vehicle and be put up on top. It is protected with a soft material cover when not in use.

Solar Generator

A generator that harvests its power from the sun through a solar panel built in or attached.

Solar panel

An electro voltaic panel used in remote areas to produce electricity, often used in eco glamping or wild camping experiences.

Solar power radio

A radio that is powered by energy stored from UV rays.


Hot water springs or locations offering relaxing treatments.


A large, flat blade on a handle that is used as a cooking instrument.


A sound-emitting device for playing music or relaxing sounds at a higher volume.

SPF Coating

A coating on the tent to limit the amount of UV rays that infiltrate the tent.

Spiral dog stake

A metal stake that screws into the ground which you can tie your dog to when camping.


Things involving or affecting the human spirit such as nature and the outdoors.


A piece of cutlery that is a spoon/ fork, is good for saving space when packing must be kept to a minimum.


The season in which much vegetation begins to bloom, between March and May.

Stag Party

A large group of, often male, guests who are celebrating a groom's last days before marriage. Many glamping and camping sites will not accept stag parties.


A raised platform on which artists and entertainers can perform.

Stained Glass

Coloured glass that is used for decorations or for decorative windows to alter light as it passes through it.

Stainless steel bottle

A reusable water bottle that keeps liquids cool and hot.

Stainless steel dog bowl

A bowl used to put dog food or water in, the metal makes them easy to clean and lightweight.

Stainless steel kettle

A device used to heat water, made from stainless steel.

Stake puller

A tool used for taking stakes out of the ground after use.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

A relaxing and simple water sport, where the user stands up on a large surf style board and paddles, often offered at lake and seaside campgrounds.

Standard waterfall

A body of water cascading from a height.

Star/Indian fire

A type of fire that has multiple logs on the ground meeting in the middle, they are lit from the centre point and the pogs are pushed forward when they have burned down. These require very little maintenance and can burn all night.


The act of observing the stars.


A holiday that involves travelling away from one's home without leaving the country.

Steam Room

A room filled with hot steam to help the user relax and cleanse, often accompanied with a bath.

Steel Chiminea

A Chiminea constructed from steel which provides a more modern design.

Steel Pan Drumming

A fun group based learning activity that is offered in unique glamping experiences, where guests can learn how to play the Caribbean steel pan.

Steel Pergola

An arched structure with steel framework designed to support vines.


A production of sound from at least two sources to increase quality and create the effect of surround-sound.

Sting kit

A kit that is designed to extract the venom from a sting with the use of vacuum pump.

Storm Flaps

An extra material panel on coats or tents designed to protect pockets or other areas vulnerable to moisture.

Street food

A style of catering popular at glamping events, where food is served from a portable or temporary food cart.

Stuff Sack

The general term for the bag used to hold camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, mesh nettings and clothing.


The warmest season of the year between June and August.

Sun cream

A cream specially formulated to protect skin from UV rays.

Sun Hat

A wide-brimmed, light hat that is often made of straw for protecting oneself from the sun's rays.


The time of day when the sun appears from behind the horizon.


A white or transparent lotion that is rubbed onto the skin to protect it from damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays.


The time of day when the sun disappears below the horizon.

Super Pitch

A more luxurious camping pitch that offers individual facilities and amenities at an extra cost.


The leisure activity of riding on water atop a surf board. Commonly done whilst camping or glamping close to the shore.

Sustainable glamping

Glamping experiences that are conscious of environmental and ethical sustainability in their construction and supply chains.

Sweat Lodge

A dome shaped, handmade structure that is heated and used by Indigenous people as part of rituals and ceremony. In modern glamping and camping experiences, they are often used in indigenous wellness practices.


A brush with a long wooden or plastic handle used to sweep the floor.


The leisure activity or form of exercise of moving through water propelled only by your body. Commonly done in swimming pools, lakes or the sea.

Swimming pool

A man made body of water used for swimming.

Swimming Trunks

Loose-fitting, quick-drying shorts worn for swimming.

Swing chair hammock

Small hammocks that the user sits upright in, can only hold one person.


A game played by two people both attempting to wind a ball around a post by hitting with paddles or bats.

Sycamore firewood

A firewood that retains a large amount of water, but once dried, makes perfect firewood for a wood-burning stove.


A thick textile embroidered in patterns or pictures and often using sequins or mirrors to create a decoration that can be hung on walls or draped over furniture.


A heavy material, often used as waterproofing for tents, groundsheets and supply caches.

Tea light holder

A decorative and protective case for the display of short wide candles.

Tea lights

A short wide candle used for decoration or to create a romantic ambience.

Tea Towel

A fabric towel used to dry dishes and utensils after washing.

Teardrop hammock

Hammock/tent that hangs from a single point.

Teardrop trailer

A small type of caravan that is shaped like a teardrop.

Tech wash

A cleaning product used when washing equipment and clothing that is waterproof to maintain the coating.

Technical sleeping bag

Generally slimmer and designed to be small to fit in a backpack. Made from highly engineered materials for all climates.


A cone-shaped tent made up of canvas or animal skins draped over a frame of wooden poles.

Teepee Fire

A very common campfire design that is similar to a tee pee in construction, used as a base to build a larger fibre on top of.


The optical piece of equipment that can be used for stargazing whilst on a camping or glamping trip.

Tension-Type Pergola Shades

A piece of material that uses tension at each end to create a shade barrier over a pergola.

Tent Carpet

A tent carpet is a thicker sheet material on the floor of a tent to protect against sharp objects.

Tent Clips

Small clips used to fix the tent and poles together.

Tent pad

An area in that has been levelled off with either sand, gravel, grass or mulch. Campsites will create them pitch a tent on, avoiding having to look for a flat spot.

Tent Pitch

A specific area assigned to you on a campsite where you must pitch your tent.

Tent push light

An LED light used to illuminate the tent with built in magnets.

Tent Repair kit

A kit that includes all the essentials needed to repair a broken tent.

Tent Waterproofer

A hydrophobic liquid applied to the outer side of materials to make them waterproof.

Tents with rooms

Camping accommodation with separate enclosed spaces, giving guests different rooms to enjoy.


The traditional spelling for one of the various luxury tent styles used for glamping, Tepee's are a conical tent that originated from North America.


A small transparent globe containing decorative plants.


A garment that is worn under regular clothing that provides additional warmth.


A container with an insulating vacuum wall for keeping contents warm or cold.

Thread Count

The amount of thread in every square inch of a particular tent fabric. The denser the fabric, the higher the thread count.

Three layer airbed

One more layer than the two layer air bed for additional comfort.

Three man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate three people.

Three seasons tent

A tent that is designed for use in Spring, summer and autumn, but cannot handle the conditions in winter.


A paper or digital pass that grants the owner admission to a site or venue.

Tie Backs

The small hook systems used in tents to tie back excess fabrics created when doors or windows are open.


Stackable metal containers for storing of food and keeping them warm.


The highly flammable fuel that is used to start a fire. It will catch with just an ember that you can then add kindling to.


A lightweight paper used for cleaning.


The numerical term used for the thickness and warmth of a blanket, duvet or sleeping bag.


A rod or button attached to string or cord that is threaded through a hole and used as a fastener.

Toilet Fluid

A concentrated liquid used to flush and clean portable toilets.

Toilet Roll

Paper used after you go to the toilet.


A kitchen appliance used to grab food when cooking or BBQ-ing.


A handheld, portable light powered by batteries or solar.

Tote Bag

A canvas shoulder bag with two straps.

Totem Pole

A decorative column decorated by natural animals or spirits.

Traditional Canopy bed

Very similar to poster beds, however the posts connect to each other via beams at the top. Fabrics can be draped over to create a luxurious and intimate feel.


A vehicle or temporary abode that can be static or can be towed by another vehicle.


The ubiquitous brand name used to identify a certain type of lightweight, portable and stackable camping stove system, popular for backpacking.

Transit backpack

A backpack that is designed for long distances and has extra capacity due to smart organisation.

Travel bath plug

A portable plug designed for communal sinks or baths to stop the release of water.

Travel Cot

A bed for a baby that can be collapsed and reassembled easily for convenient transportation.

Travel mug

A mug with a secure lid to avoid spillages whilst travelling.

Travel towel

A compact towel made of microfibre that is designed to dry quickly.

Travel tumbler

A cup or mug that is usually made if metal or plastic to enable transportation without the risk of breakage.

Tree Top Ropes

An high adrenaline forest based activity where participants navigate rope, ladder and zip wire obstacles located high in the trees.


Accommodation that is incorporated into the branches of a tree. often made from wood, treehouse accommodation provides a unique woodland glamping experience.


A journey made by food that is often difficult.


A latticework construction that can be used as a support for plants or as a screen.

Triple glazed

An extra layer of insulation that double glazed for more warmth.

Tripod stool

A foldable camping chair that is composed of three plastic legs and canvas material.

Trolley bag

A bag placed on two or four wheels that facilitates the mobility of the luggage.

Truck camper

A type of camper then connects to a pick up truck allowing the user to have a compact mobile home without having to purchase a whole new vehicle.


A box used for the transportation and storage of clothes or possessions. Trunks are often decorated or embossed.

Tube stickers

Adhesive repair patches to help fix holes in tents or awning.

Tufted rug

Cheap, but durable rug made in the same way as carpets.

Tunnel tent

A style of tent used for larger camping and glamping groups, it's 'tunnel' shape design allows for more separate rooms inside the tent space.


A Canadian hut built using animal skins and pelts.

Twin Bed

Slightly bigger than a single, a twin bed is 38" wide and 75" long.

Two layer airbed

Air bed that features two pockets of air, for extra comfort and a more normal feel.

Two man tent

A tent that has enough space to accommodate two people.

Types of tents

The different shapes and structures of tents.

Tyre Swing

A swing created by hanging a tyre off a tree branch via a piece of rope.

U tube lantern

A lantern light in the shape of a U.

Ultralight tent

A tent designed to be carried in a backpack, weighing less that 2.5kg and sleeps one or two people.

Underfloor heating

A modern method of heating that is used in some glamping accommodation. Hot water pipes are used to heat the floor material, keeping your feet warm!


A glass roofed dome structure that sleeps 2 people, perfect for a glamping experience centred around stargazing.

Unique camping

A one-off camping experience.


The process of converting an old item into something with a new identity, often furniture. 'Upcycled' is a style often used to decorate glamping huts.

Upcycled Bus

An ever popular method of creating accommodation from recycled old vehicles and storage. A double decker bus particularly provides an excellent space to convert into unique glamping accommodation.

Upcycled Shipping Container

An old container box that has been converted into an often luxury glamping experience.

UPF Coating

An Ultraviolet Protection Factor coating that blocks SPF from penetrating the tent's fabric.

Utility cord

A versatile cord that can be used for multiple things when Camping, e,g a washing line.

UV degradation

The wearing over time due to the sun's UV rays, tents can sustain damage by this if left out or not taken care of.

Vacuum Flask

A flask with an insulative outer vacuum layer for keeping food or drinks at a stable temperature.


A container usually for displaying flowers. A vase does not have handles and is traditionally made out porcelain.

Vent fan

A type of fan that is installed into the roof of a vehicle to allow air flow without having to leave a window open. These are very popular as they pose less of a security risk than leaving a window open.


The prevention of condensation from building up in the tent by means of removing body moisture.

Ventilation Panels

Mesh panels that are built into a tents wall to increase ventilation, useful for summer time glamping and camping.


An extra tent that can be pitched alongside your sleeping tent for gear storage, very useful for camping and glamping trips with limited sleeping space!

Vintage camping

An outdoor experience using older style, vintage camping equipment.

Vintage canvas tents

Old style tents that use heavier canvas materials, can be used to achieve a retro camping style.

Vintage tents

An older style of tent, often made of canvas that gives a retro look.

Vinyl Pergola

An outdoor feature that uses vinyl to create a frame that can be used as shade or shelter.

Vis a Vis

Translates to 'face to face' to describe a style of tent with 2 rooms that face each other, with a communal area in the centre.

VW Camper

A popular motor vehicle produced by Volkswagen with living and camping amenities inside.


Waterproof boots or trousers used for walking through deep water.


A male server for people in restaurants or high end experiences such as glamping.


A female server for people in restaurants or high end experiences such as glamping.

Wake Up Call

A phone call made by reception to wake a customer up at a desired time.

Walking pole

A long, metal stick used as an accessory to provide stability and assist walkers.

Walking shoes

A light shoe designed to provide comfort whilst walking long distances.

Walking Socks

Thick and comfortable socks that often come above the ankle and are used to support the feet whilst on long walks.

Wall Hanging

A piece of material, often embroidered, that decoratively covers a wall.

Wall-mounted Pergola

A pergola that is connected at one or two sides to a wall.

Walnut Firewood

An environmentally-friendly wood that lights easily and burns at a moderate temperature.

Wardrobe pole

A metal pole used for camping to hang clothes on.


A bag used to carry and store toiletries.

Washing pegs

Plastic or metal pegs that attach clothing on to a washing line.

Washing up bowl

A round or square bowl in which cooking utensils and crockery are washed.

Washing Up Liquid

Liquid detergent used to clean kitchen utensils and appliances.

Waste Water

Water that has been used for showering or washing up.

Water bladder

A soft plastic backpack used to store and drink water from.

Water bladder cleaning kit

The equipment used to clean a water bladder in preparation for future use.

Water Boiler

A vessel containing water that is heated to a very high temperature and used for heating pipes, providing hot water for washing or can be used to make hot beverages.

Water Bottle

A portable container for storage and transportation of water for drinking or washing.

Water Butt

A large container for the storage of large amounts of water.

Water carrier with tap

A plastic water container that has a tap on the bottom for controlled water pouring.

Water container

A large rectangular plastic container that holds large quantities of water to save multiple trips to a water source when camping.

Water Feature

A focal piece that displays water, e.g. a pond.

Water filter

A filter that is used to purify water.

Water fountain

A machine or device that shoots water in to the air.

Water Tap

A faucet that can control the release of water for drinking or washing purposes.


An item that is completely impervious to the penetration of water.

Water-proof spray

A liquid agent that can be administered to material to increase it's resistance to water.


An object that can resist small amounts of water, but is not fully waterproof.

Waterproof phone case

A plastic covering around a phone that keeps it protected from water.

Waterproof Trousers

Trousers that are impervious to water and are worn in adverse weather in order to keep dry.


A wall that is built surrounding a body of water.

Weekend Away

A holiday taken at the weekend, usually close to home and cost effective such as glamping.

Weekender tent

An easy to erect tent that is suitable for short duration trips.

Weighted Blanket

A blanket or duvet that is lined with weights to increase warmth whilst underneath it.

Wellington boots

Waterproof rubber or gum boots used to keep feet dry or clean in mud or shallow water.

White Gas

A fuel specially designed for camping stoves.

White Wine

Wine produced using the non-coloured pulp of grapes.


A similar tent to a tepee, a wigwam is a triangular tent that is used by native North Americans.

Wild camp

An 'off grid' camping experience that can be done anywhere and uses no fixed facilities such as showers and toilets.

Wild Camping

Camping in destinations that are not specifically designated for that purpose. This is very popular in Scotland where it is legal.

Wild Swimming

Swimming or any activities in any body of water that isn't a swimming pool.


The most common type of wood used in the building of yurts.

Wind break

A wall created by a piece of material with upright poles running through it and sticking in the ground, they will protect against light winds.

Wind Chime

Pieces of metal or glass hung as decoration and to make a pleasant jingle in when wind blows through them.

Wind up torch

An instrument that provides light which is powered the rotation of a handle.

Wine Fridge

A cold box powered by electricity; specifically for storage of white and sparkling wines.


A round pan used for frying.

Wood fired Hot tub

A traditional hot tub constructed from wood and heated with a wood or coal fire - perfect for winter glamping experiences.

Wood Pergola

A structure with a wooden framework designed to support vines.

Wood shavings

Small, thin pieces of wood that light very easily to create a larger fire.

Wood-burning stove

A traditional cast iron stove that uses wood fuel. Can be used to heat glamping accommodation or for cooking.

Wooden Crate

An open box made of loose-fitting wooden planks. They are often reclaimed and refurbished to create attractive storage spaces or small tables.

Wooden porch

A wooden, outside area at the entrance of a camping pod or cabin.

Wooden tents

Pre erected tent structures made of wood but can be dismantled and moved to another location.

Woodland Area

The descriptive term given to camping or glamping areas that can be identified by their proximity to woodland, making them popular sites!

Woodland Trust

The UK based governing body that preserves and maintains protected areas of woodland.


The general term given to sessions where people can experience and learn a new, often unique skill. Workshops are almost always offered as part of a glamping experience.

Woven Bed

Also known a Wicker beds, they are formed by weaving thin, but very long, pieces of wood together to create the frame.

Woven rugs

Very soft, comfortable style of rug. Can range in price and quality.


An strap worn around a person's wrist that gains them access to private campsites or festival arenas.


The extremely popular exercise practice used to increase flexibility. Yoga is one of the most popular workshops to offer as part of a glamping package, particularly for groups or corporate trips.

Yoga Mat

A padded, foamy mat to increase comfort and prevent slipping whilst practising yoga.


A round pyramid tent structure used by nomadic settlers in Mongolia, Siberia and Turkey.

Yurt holidays

Any holiday or break a person may take which includes staying in a yurt.

Yurts and squrts

A circular tent originating from central Asia, made from wood, rope and animal pellets. They feature a collapsible design for ease of movement.

Zig Zag water carrier

A water carrier with a zig zag design that allows for the material to be folded.


A fastening device made from two strips of metal or plastic that interlock together with the use of a slide.


A cable that is attached to two points that can be slid down by a person attached via a harness.

Ziplock bags

Air-tight, sealable bags that can carry provisions and are waterproof.

Zipper Foot

An appliance that is used when sewing a zipper with a machine.


A metal lighter than can be refueled and used again.


A dance-inspired fitness programme that is often in the form of a class being led by and instructor.