Glamp, Not Camp

Not all camping experiences are created equal. It’s all about the kit. Here’s the pick of the bunch.

Not all camping experiences are created equal. There are times when you might have to pitch your own tent or even fix your own drink. At moments like this, when Yurtel isn’t at hand to help ease you into the hot tub or fluff up your pillows, you may need a few luxury items to take you from a camping break to a deluxe glamping escape.

We don’t expect you to lug boutique bell tents or luxury tipis through fields and moorland. Nor is it realistic to set your sights on digging a tandoor oven and covering the surrounding copse with festoon lighting. A few choice gadgets and avoiding some rookie errors should be enough to bring that festival spark or luxury camping feel, to your night under the stars.

To start with, remember to choose the right tent size. Most tents are designed for Oompa Loompas so 3 really means you and your kit. Don’t arrive late to the campsite, daylight pitching will make sure you avoid the portaloos, sloping banks, and waking up to the sunrise; and finally test your kit before you leave, the slow hiss of an airbed at night is a little deflating.

And to take it to the next level, make sure you bring some of these absolutely essential gadgets along to recreate that boutique glamping feel. A bartending kit and espresso machine should be up there with your sleeping bag and tent pegs. Remember, we’re after the ensuite bell tent, classic tipi vibe.

Wacaco Minipresso Kit


First off is the Wacaco Minipresso Kit that will make mornings a joy. It brews a beautiful shot of coffee by producing more pressure than your espresso machine at home. It is innovative, hand-powered, lightweight and compact. Posh pre-pitched camping, tick.

Voyage Guitars


Be part of the main stage line up by bringing your own music. Check out Voyage Guitars. Available in an acoustic and electric version, these full-size guitars have a collapsible neck making them perfect for boutique festival glamping and luxury camping hire. They also come with a custom, high-impact backpack case in case your yodelling disturbs any hibernating bears.



We’ve all been there. Wet festival sites and nowhere to sit. Luxury tent hire won’t stop you from getting a muddy bottom. The award-winning Sitpack will. It’s designed so you’re sitting at eye level: perfect for watching gigs before retiring to your bohemian camping tent. Truly portable, it collapses down into a small cartridge that fits in your pocket.

Garmin Walky Talky


Forget trying to use your phone at a busy Festival. You’ll have more luck with a homing pigeon. Or a Garmin. They’ve come up with a tiny satellite phone that will reach all your friends, all of the time, whatever rabbit hole they’ve gone down.

Pocket Knife


You’ll want a pocket knife. Even if you’re not whittling down wood or skinning rabbits. Even if you’ve booked the best festival tipi, luxury camping pod or vintage canvas tents. It will make you feel better. In a camping/ prepared for anything kind of way. This British made knife, with rosewood handle, is as aesthetically pleasing as it is to use. Perfect for cutting the lemon for your G&T.

These Forest Lanterns


These Forest Lanterns look beautiful, fit the festival glamping experience and are waterproof and bash proof. The light lasts for ages and it’s easy to recharge with a micro-USB port and rechargeable batteries. It will give your posh tents a stylish, boutique feel.

LUX Picnic Rug


The LUX Picnic Rug is designed in Australia and made from recycled plastic bottles. This isn’t your average plaid picnic rug. Alternative camping sites and the best festival tents will soon have these as standard. Large enough to fit you and your friends, it’s soft to touch, has a water-resistant top layer, internal padding and a waterproof base.

Luminaid solar inflatable lantern


The Luminaid solar inflatable lantern and phone charger can charge your gear anywhere. Think boutique festival, luxury glamping site or yurt holidays. It packs down to 1” thick and can keep you on grid, whatever off-grid adventure you’re on.

Millican bag


Glamping tent hire still requires a sturdy and stylish bag that you can chuck everything in for a weekend escape. Millican combines classic designs with modern functionality. Made using weatherproof organic cotton canvas, vegetable-tanned leather, local Herdwick wool and expert craftsmanship – they’re designed to last a lifetime.



The sun is setting, your campfire is crackling away and you fancy a G&T. It’s time to pull out the pièce de résistance, your handmade leather bartender roll.

The perfect shot of luxury for those serious about taking their glamping experience to another level.


Well, we were going to finish at 10, but then thought you might want the real deal. The finest boutique camping in the land. The most luxurious and sophisticated glamping experience at festivals in the UK. We’re talking about Yurtel of course. Why not just give us a call and we’ll come and pitch your tent for you. The ultimate in boutique camping.

The ultimate in boutique camping