Festival Folklore

DJ, radio personality and co-founder of Bestival, Rob da Bank takes up the DJ reins at Yurtel this Glastonbury. He shares his top tips and favourite festival moments.

There seems to be little that Rob da Bank can’t do. DJ, radio personality, record label and two hugely successful festivals that have changed the landscape for families wanting to tap into that magical world of music and escapism. To celebrate his birthday, Rob is treating Yurtel to a special Glastonbury set.

What got you into music and Djing?
A love of listening to a tinny transistor playing John Peel late at night in my bedroom combined with a deep love of backcombing my hair to The Smiths and The Cure and then buying my first Technics decks aged 16 and learning to mix…badly!

For any budding Djs out there – what advice would you give them?
Go your own way as Fleetood Mac said! Don’t look at another DJ and think that’s my style.. just let your style come out and if it’s clunky to start with, stick with it… I’ve stuck with my clunky anything goes mash up for 34 years and I’m still going… just!

What was the inspiration behind setting up Bestival?
Josie and I loved Glastonbury like a second home.. in fact we couldn’t understand why it wasn’t a permanent installation all year round! That combined with my club night Sunday Best getting really popular made us think we could do it too.

Who would you most like to book for Bestival?
Dolly Parton, Bob Marley and Prince but I think I might struggle.

Do you have any top festival tips?
Pace yourself. I ignore that advice every Wednesday of Glastonbury but I still tell everyone to do it 😉 the number of amazing Sunday headliners I’ve missed from overcooking myself earlier in the weekend is shameful.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Glastonbury this year?
Elton! He played his second ever festival at Bestival for me and designed his own jacket especially, dedicated Rocket Man to me and then wrote me an exquisitely kind hand written note to say thanks.

Do you have a favourite stage?
Any of them! At different times. Block 9 for breakfast!

Best Glastonbury moment?
Getting engaged to Josie – me on one knee with a platinum Tiffany ring I was so scared of losing in the filth, jacket potatoes and fag butts outside the Rizla tent in the early 2000s with David Holmes Djing.