As the pioneers of luxury camping we strive to be the market leaders in sustainable glamping


Everything we do at Yurtel depends on our natural environment. We want to make smart use of earth's resources, to expect the highest ethical standards throughout our supply chain and create an experience and service with people and the planet in mind.

Be part of positive change with Yurtel.



All of our Structures are made from sustainably sourced larch and canvas. We repair and maintain, rather than buy new. Our Yurts are almost 9 years old and most of our Bell Tents were commissioned in 2014. Old canvas from marquees become changing room walls or tent peg bags. Old tent carpets become covers for tables and chairs, duckboards for Yurts are made out of reclaimed scaffolding boards.


We buy second hand when we can or rent rather than running a huge fleet. Re-conditioned forklifts or job lots of discarded vans given a new lease of life. We work hard to streamline our transport, by designing structures that flat pack. Our suites can all be stacked on the same vehicle, 10 Yurts or 20 Deluxe Bell Tents can fit in our vans saving 3000 miles a year per vehicle.


We work hard to reduce waste at the origin, but any waste generated on site is sorted at a commercial recycling plant.


We only use natural oils with no solvents or varnishes. Our environmentally friendly paint is from Little Greene Company. Our soap products are all natural and biodegradable, and our laundry supplier uses only organic, non-toxic detergents.


Nothing goes to waste. Any structures we no longer need, we donate to local charities that invest in local communities. Everything from bedding, towels and de-commissioned fire extinguishers are given new homes. Surplus wood is used to build treehouses for local schools, extra bell tents given to international music schools giving inner city children an opportunity to experience nature first hand.


We are signed up to British Gas' commitment to 60% renewable energy sources.