Big Feastival Guaranteed Plot Terms & Conditions


‘Company’ means Yurtel Limited whose head office is registered at The Mead, St Catherine, Bath, BA1 8EZ

‘Guest’ is the person booking the Service with the Company.

‘Service’ is the product or service as listed on the Invoice and as specified in the Company’s marketing materials for the Event named on the invoice and nothing else.

‘Period of Hire’ is the period between Booking Start Date and the Booking End Date as stated on the Booking Invoice or the agreed period of occupation.

‘Hire Charge’ is the amount payable by the Guest to the Company as specified on the Invoice.

‘Invoice’ is the form issued by the Company to the Guest requesting payment of the Hire Charge.

‘Agent’ is the company or individual through which the original booking was made and to whom payment was made in those cases where the Guest did not book directly with the Company.


a) Unless stated in writing all orders and bookings are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions of hiring and the Guest by making payment for a booking is deemed to have acknowledged this and accepted the Terms & Conditions as stated below.

b) Bookings are not secure until payment of the full booking amount has been made regardless of receipt of any deposit payments.

c) Balance Payments are due at the time stated on the Invoice.


a) to supply the Service for the Period of Hire as stated on the Booking Confirmation.

b) the Service is to include any facilities as laid out on the Big Feastival Guaranteed Plot page on unless written notification is supplied to the Guest to the contrary prior to the point of booking by The Company.


a) to pay in full as per the terms of The Invoice at time of booking. The Company reserves the right not to provide the Service and or cancel the booking should payment not be received.

b) to pay interest on all monies outstanding beyond date of Invoice at the rate of 5% per annum above the base rate of the Barclays Bank Plc.

c) to provide the Company with full contact details to include mobile phone number, home address and billing address if different from home address, in addition to any other information deemed necessary by The Company on an event by event basis.

d) not to enter any structures or areas at the site of the event if requested by the Company not to do so for reasons of safety.

e) to keep any part of the Service that is a tent completely closed and secure and in particular any door fastened when not in use.

f) not to smoke any form of cigarette in any structures at the site of the event.

g) not to light, or allow to be lit, any fire, candle or other naked flame within or close to any structures at the site of the event without the prior written consent of the Company.

h) to vacate the camp by the time stated in communications from the Company.

i) to behave in an appropriate manner at all times whilst at the event named on the Booking Invoice. If the Company feels the Guest or a member of the Guest’s party has failed to behave appropriately the Company reserves the right to insist the guest vacates any accommodation or aspect of the Service provided by the Company. The Guest also accepts that they will be in no way eligible to any form of refund or compensation if The Company insists they leave the site due to inappropriate behaviour. Should the Guest refuse to leave the site then the Company reserves the right to have them removed from site.

j) Not to erect any any structure or shelter of any kind within the Guaranteed Plot camping area outside of the lines which mark the plot booked. This includes but is not limited to: Gazebos, tents, awnings, shelters or sun tents.

k) Not to allow any more than 6 persons to sleep on each 5m x 7m plot booked.

l) Not to resell, gift or in anyway transfer the booking to any other party or persons without the written permission of the Company. 


a) The Company will use all reasonable endeavours to supply the Guest with the Service but where this is not possible the Company will notify the Guest as soon as possible with any alterations to the design and specifications of the Service and where alteration is fundamental the Guest may terminate this contract and any sums paid will be refunded.



a) All sums payable under this agreement unless otherwise stated are inclusive of VAT and other duties or taxes.

b) Any event tickets purchased as part of the Service will be sent to the guest prior to arrival at the event.

c) Named event tickets are non transferable. Once names have been submitted for tickets it is not possible to transfer tickets, change names on tickets or seek a refund for tickets.

d) Official photographic identification should be carried by the ticket holder to ensure entry to the festival where named tickets are in use.

e) Yurtel will contact the named lead booker prior to submitting names to the festival in order to check all details are correct.


a) Either party shall have the right to terminate this Contract without penalty within seven days from Invoice date subject to written confirmation of such termination being given by one party to the other within such period. In the event of such termination by either party the Company shall refund to the Guest all sums paid by the Guest to the Company by way of deposit or otherwise.

b) Once the seven days referred to in the preceding clause has passed, should either party cancel the contract 50% of the sums paid at that time shall be refunded except if the cancellation is made within 150 days of booking Start Date where no refund will be paid.

c) In the event of the booking being cancelled by The Company at any time 100% of monies paid by the Guest will be refunded.

d) In the event of the booking being cancelled by The Company no additional compensations will be payable beyond any refund as stated above.

e) If the Booking was made via an Agent then all cancelation requests should be directed in writing to that Agent. The Company should be included in any such communications.

f) Where a booking has been made through an agent The Company can only ever be liable for the sums paid to them by the Agent in relation to the booking and are not liable for any mark ups, agency fees or other additional costs added by the Agent. Any such additional fees are the sole liability off the Agent through which the booking was originally made.



a) The Company will make every effort to complete the provision of the Service on or before the commencement of the Period of Hire shown on the booking confirmation provided that the Guest has complied with the undertakings set out above. If the Service is not delivered on the Booking Start Date as shown on the Booking Confirmation the Guest shall have the right to withdraw and the Company shall return all monies paid. If for ANY reason the Service is not provided the Company shall not be liable to pay further compensation to the Guest.

b) The Company will take all reasonable care to avoid interruption to the Guest’s Service but cannot be responsible for any loss suffered by the Guest in respect thereof other than as a result of the negligence of the Company’s servants, agents or contractors.


The Company will not be responsible for and the Guest will indemnify the Company against all claims for the injury to persons or loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless it be proved that such injury or damage was caused by faulty material or workmanship or negligence on the part of the Company.