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The Business Side of Glamping

04 March 2020



We all know festivals are having a moment. Over a quarter of UK adults attended a music festival in the last year alone.

Independent festivals contributed more than 1bn in revenue to the UK economy in the last few years, proving the DIY communal spirit of Woodstock has grown into mainstream business that reaps serious profits.

This move from a communion of culture, to a profitable enterprise has been partly due to the dawn of Spotify...

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Going Campaign

13 January 2020


How do you camp? Do you go all out with a luxury bell tent, candle chandelier, sheepskins, lanterns and fire bowl? Or do a couple of blankets and sleeping bag suffice?

Under canvas a British gentleman abroad in the 18th and 19th centuries would have expected a few essential pieces. A full wardrobe, carpet, cupboard, desk, chest of drawers, dining table, armchairs and a sideboard or two. In fact, they attempted a campaign carbon copy...

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Campfire Christmas

16 December 2019

Campfire Christmas

We thought there would be nothing more brilliantly British than a Christmas inspired campfire cookout. When has glamping or camping been confined to warm weather conditions? We live in England, we’d never plan anything if we waited for the sun.

Picture this: a bell tent or yurt draped with ivy and holly, twinkling Christmas lights studding the foliage and warm sheepskins, a crackling fire and a warm mug of mulled wine in your hands. Love actually...

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06 December 2019

Cooking on an open fire is a kind of alchemy. Basic ingredients turn into something more than the promise of a pedestrian blast from an oven or stove. A pink sausage becomes a charred hot dog dripping with bonfire night charm, an ear of sweetcorn turns dirty with melted butter and charred kernels, and spongy marshmallows become caramelised, oozing crack on sticks. 

Campfire cooking turns the mundane into something dramatic. Campfire cocktails, now that is another level of theatre. All...

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