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06 December 2019

Cooking on an open fire is a kind of alchemy. Basic ingredients turn into something more than the promise of a pedestrian blast from an oven or stove. A pink sausage becomes a charred hot dog dripping with bonfire night charm, an ear of sweetcorn turns dirty with melted butter and charred kernels, and spongy marshmallows become caramelised, oozing crack on sticks. 

Campfire cooking turns the mundane into something dramatic....

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20 November 2019

Crusoe Residence

Do you worry that the hotel room you’ve booked hasn’t been fitted out with low-consumption loos, alternative energy sources or have an active policy on recycling, re-using and composting? Are you swapping low-cost flights for gentle train journeys and off grid-getaways?

Even if you’re more worried about how well stocked the mini bar is, it’s undeniable that a stay in a hotel, or a...

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19 June 2019

Jasmine Hemsley

With Glastonbury fast approaching, we sat down with Jasmine Hemsley to chat about our exciting new restaurant & bar collaboration. Based on her book, East by West, Jasmine has designed some Ayurvedic inspired comfort dishes and an apothecary of healthy drinks to create a glamping feast for our festival guests. Focusing on fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients, the menu offers a twist on modern western...

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If you build it, they will come

11 June 2019

It all began with a dream. A dream of beautiful rainfall showers and hot and cold running water, of elegant canvas structures made of Siberian larch, exquisite en-suite huts with the softest beds, a concierge service, lofty decks built into the landscape, a spa with a beautiful bar and hot tubs with a view of the sun setting behind Glastonbury Tor. The dream was of a glamping experience that went...

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