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The Rise and Rise of Glamping

06 November 2020

We all heard the call of the wild this summer. After being locked down for so many months we yearned for a chance to run free, shake off those lockdown confines and reawaken our senses.

Unsurprisingly the summer of 2020 became the summer of camping and it’s smarter sibling, glamping. The thought of the great outdoors, away from the crowds, unzipping the canvas and stretching out into the...

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Hitting the Sweet Spot

20 October 2020

Glamping has come a long way, even in its most recent guise as the festival love child of Huckleberry Finn and the River Cottage. We seemed to have it all: comfortable Bell Tents, Wooden Pods and Mongolian Yurts. Secluded wooden settings, clifftop sea views, floating decks, fresh organic eggs in the morning and wood burning pizza ovens.

Celebrated chefs have popped up at glamping sites to...

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The Upcycle

19 March 2020

The BMX Smoothie Machine

Have you ever looked at an old bbq, bath or bicycle and thought, I could make a pizza oven, hot tub or smoothie making machine out of that?

Well, nor have we exactly, but there are plenty of people out there for whom upcycling is the latest byword in consumer cool.

Nike actually started a recycling program back in 1990 called...

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The Business Side of Glamping

04 March 2020



We all know festivals are having a moment. Over a quarter of UK adults attended a music festival in the last year alone.

Independent festivals contributed more than 1bn in revenue to the UK economy in the last few years, proving the DIY communal spirit of Woodstock has grown into mainstream business that reaps serious profits.

This move from a communion of culture, to a profitable...

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