Touring Tech #1

11 January 2017
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Every couple of months we'll be bringing to you our favourite techie gizmos that will either enhance your fun in the great outdoors or help you survive it. We begin with fun stuff.

Over the years we’ve come across all manner of technological beauty and musical genius when it comes to portable speakers. We've collated a some of our favourites.

The Most Aesthetically Pleasing


BEOPLAY A2 | £299 | Dust and splash resistant, Bluetooth, 24 hour battery life.

Exceptionally attractive it’s almost a fashion accessory, play time is impressive from one charge and is cleverly dust and splash resistant. Read what the tech wizards say about it or to treat yourself you can purchase on B&O's website.

Best All - Rounder


UE BOOM 2 | £149 | Bluetooth, waterproof, extraordinary sound, 15 hours battery life

You can chuck this in a lake and it’ll live to tell the tale, apparently when it’s not submerged it’s the best sounding portable speaker on the planet too.

Read all about it.

Best On A Budget

Creative MUVO 2


CREATIVE MUVO 2 | £69.99 | Waterproof, dust resistant, 10 hours play time, Bluetooth.

A perfectly formed little package in both stature and price.  We love a simple classic design and this one ticks all the “I’m in a field” boxes too.

Get the full breakdown from the techies and have a look at what the Creative team can offer. 

Home Favourite


MINIRIG | £119.99 | Powerful sound, Bluetooth, attachments, 50 hours battery life!

This was hands down our crew favourite over the summer. It will party longer than us all put together and It’s made in Bristol, like Yurtel, so it must be good.

Read the gushing reviews from around the web or start your own collection from the Bristol boys

Techie's Favourite for 2017


FUGOO | $149.99 | Bluetooth, mud, snow, shock and waterproof, 40 hours battery life

It’s practically indestructible, battery lasts a lifetime and looks compact and stylish. We'll be first in the queue when comes to the UK.

Read about its severe lack of flaws on Tech Radar.